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Comment Re:You're Missing the Point (Score 1) 874

Sure, that's all fine and well. A carbon tax market isn't the answer. The only thing that will come of the cap and trade laws is massive profits for those that have set themselves up as speculators for the carbon tax market. In turn, we're all going to have to buy goods that are based on speculation (ala gas prices) rather than supply and demand. I hope you like paying $10+ for a gallon of milk, because that's what this is going to do, all so that fucking scumbags can make obscene profits, until it all goes bust, then they'll turn around and ask for a bailout, and you'll probably be the first in line clamoring to give it to them. You'd think after they've pulled this scam, what, like, 3 times in the past couple of years, people would start to get wise to it.

Comment Re:This will shift the use of coal downward for su (Score 1) 874

Too bad we don't live in an ideal fantasy world, where the supposed goal of such legislation is in fact what will happen, and instead live in the real world, where it NEVER works out as planned. Most likely the end result of this will be a carbon tax market clusterfuck that the assholes who came up with it in the first place will use as an excuse for more bailouts, this time of the carbon tax market. The fact that so few people are able to identify this obviously transparent ploy is fucking SAD.

Comment Re:Creating Chaos for Profit (Score 1) 874

Bingo! The first time I ever heard the phrase "carbon tax market" or whatever, I immediately hazarded a guess that it would all end up being a scheme to game said market, while fucking everyone that *isn't* in on it over. Yay, we get to fork over more of our money to asshole investment banker scumbags, all in the name of "saving the environment" this time! Fucking great.

Comment Nintendo won, seriously? (Score 1) 101

I don't see how anyone could come to this conclusion, and it seems like no one but GeekDad actually has. Almost every other outlet covering E3 pointed out how much better both Sony and MS' offerings were than Nintendo's, on pretty much every front. Most have declared Nintendo the clear "loser" of the E3 showing, for giving us nothing better than more of the same tired first party games, and completely bullshit peripherals (Wii Vitality Sensor, anyone?).

Comment Re:Cause someone will bring this up: (Score 1) 245

Yeah I have to say (in my professional opinion as a game developer), most of those patents are wishful thinking or out and out bullshit.
For example this: "Why not take a picture of yourself with an included camera and have your features actually appear on a game character?"
Which is fine, and would be a great idea had not everyone in the industry been trying it for the past ten years, and failing miserably, because of the simple fact that nothing of that sort will *EVER* match up with the art in a game, unless specifically tailored to do so, or the capturing mechanism is something more sophisticated than camera based techniques can provide (i.e., 3D surface scanning, which isn't feasible for home users anyway).
And this: "Intelligent Audio Mixing Among Media Playback And At Least One Other Non-Playback Application."
Too bad it's been done before, so WTF? Big deal.
Not to mention, I personally find it hard to believe that many game devs would really want to invest in making a game for this thing, when the device itself could potentially fuck the user experience through no fault of the developers.

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