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Comment Re:Yawn (Score 2) 325

You can't understand the difference between SCALING and VECTORIZING? Really? Scaling algorithms increase the number of pixels, but you're fundamentally still dealing with a raster image. A vectorized drawing is a whole different beast.

That said, I would like to compare the final results against a best of breed scalar like hq4x for the same final output resolution.

Comment Re:And we care why? (Score 1) 205

As someone who is heavily involved in the Microsoft world -- does anyone care? Seriously, I did some great work with VB6 back in the day, but it was already struggling for any vague relevance by 2003. What possible appeal does the source code hold, apart from historical curiosity and amusement at what is probably a hilarious codebase? This doesn't help any Microsoft-houses, who have long since been forced to bail on VB6 -- and the stragglers are technical incompetents who can't get anything out of this.

In 2003, I could see how this would've been supremely useful (if arguably dangerous in any number of ways). Now, it just doesn't make any sense at all.

Comment Re:Surely... (Score 4, Insightful) 286

It's a matter of unnecessary Slashdot editorializing, promotion of stupid viewpoints by stupid people. Free Software, amongst other things, exists to promote choice amongst developers and users both. So why is losing effective development choices productive? It isn't. But because there's a vague connection to Microsoft here, it must be evil and be destroyed. Especially now with Java in Oracle hands, what does this accomplish? It's like these people never got out of college and think their professors' dedication to C and a UNIX variant is the only legitimate viewpoint.

Comment The problem is not locked vs unlocked (Score 4, Insightful) 442

It's popular to talk about why 'unlocked' phones, but I would wager that the vast majority of unlocked phone buyers do not care that the phone is unlocked. It's irrelevant. We're not planning to switch networks. It's the contract that is the problem. Locked phones are fine as long as they're off contract. And off contract is exactly where cell companies don't want their customers to be.

Comment Re:Consider color balance, sub-pixel anti-aliasing (Score 2, Insightful) 1140

What monitor type are you using? Remember that most PC monitors are TN type, which have terrible vertical viewing angles. You don't normally notice vertical angles -- until you turn it sideways and discover massive color shifts. IPS screens (Dell has a whole line now) are vastly better.

Comment - Probability and Stastics - nice book (Score 1) 169

Classic Sun style move. There are plenty of open source textbook efforts out there. Instead of contributing to them, start a new effort, pull a bunch of media hype, and generally sabotage everyone else without even acknowledging them -- all while providing mediocre results. Sun did it for twenty years and I guess it's a McNealy signature.

Comment Re:It's the principle of the thing and more. (Score 1) 757

This tech is already in the Xbox 360, and has been from the day it launched. It's used slightly differently, mainly to prevent firmware downgrades. But it seems likely that hardware fuses are quietly tripped when you mod the console so that MS can do their mass bannings. So claims that users will accidentally trip it are perhaps far-fetched.

Comment Re:Not for me (Score 1) 122

I have a Google account and a Google Apps account. The extent to which these two work varies, with Google Docs failing miserably about a third of the time. It gets supremely confused by this and invariably tries to access Apps with my public Google account.

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