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Comment Re:It does measure Oxygen saturation to deduce pul (Score 1) 156

At a glance the patent seems to be for a very specific approach to measuring pulse oximetry. The approach seems near identical to US patent 5737439 Anti-fraud biometric scanner that accurately detects blood flow. In any event the basic technique for using pulse oximetry for liveness testing is described in Sandstrom, "Liveness Detection in Fingerprint Recognition Systems", 2004 and Hill & Stoneham, "Practical applications of pulse oximetry", 2000. The use of two IR absorption measurements is not novel (see patent 5737439).

Comment webcamd on UNIX (Score 2, Informative) 272

Hi, what you need is webcamd for a low powered machine with a cheap USB webcam (best to check the chipset compatibility before buying, just in case).

There'll be a bit of manual page reading, setting the motion detection thresholds and areas, configuring it to start on boot, archive/FTP images taken, add timestamps to the images, etc, and writing the scripts that will get run when motion is detected, but it'll be cheap, customizable and it'll work.

I've used this setup in a local maritime simulator where there was a breakin attempt (lots of projectors and electronics naturally), and they wanted a bit of extra security on the cheap.


Comment Re:Kerosene (Jet fuel) warning (Score 4, Funny) 313

Yeah.. wake me up when they have ported it to the OpenBSD pkgsrc system as part of the official set of packages and maybe I'll think about potentially buying a game. (As long as it contains no DRM and is also part of the OpenBSD pkgsrc system as part of the official set of packages, audited by portaudit, of course.)

Comment Re:Valve / Steam... (Score 1) 371

Do you even know what a free trade agreement is?

There are many free trade agreements, what do you mean "the Free Trade Agreement"? And FTAs are (as the name suggests) intended to promote free trade; how was "the" free trade agreement created in response to market based iron ore pricing? And Australia doesn't have a free trade agreement with China who are our main importers of iron ore.

Comment Re:Valve / Steam... (Score 4, Insightful) 371

I'm an Australian, and I pay more for technology than people in other parts of the world including the US. This is kind of a pain in the ass, but I have to admit that if it wasn't worth it to me I wouldn't pay. Our currency is really strong at the moment, so in general imports are very cheap and local goods/services are very expensive, and we really pay very little for technology in relative terms.

I sure wouldn't want other countries which buy our imports to say to us "wait that's not fair; it only costs you guys $40/tonne to export iron ore and we're paying $150/tonne. We're going to get the government involved to try and fight that somehow".
To that I would say "the value of something is whatever its buyer is willing to pay for it" and we have to be consistent in that.

Comment Re:I'm still wondering... (Score 1) 178

No, I don't understand the difference. Suppose Apple allowed another company to make iPhone hardware, so long as it met the specifications and they paid Apple appropriately; why would Apple then have to allow people to dual-boot?

Currently Apple have alternative suppliers for the components that go into the iPhones, but they are the ones who ultimately do the packaging and shipping. Are you saying that if Microsoft did the packaging and shipping it would be okay for them to ban dual-booting? Are you saying that it's no problem for them to do it for the Microsoft Surface, which they do package and ship?

Comment Re:Great! Now let's boycott it. (Score 1) 178

As it is, the most we can do is not buy computers that meet both of these specifications: Windows RT running on an ARM processor. By doing so we are effectively surrendering and increasing their (again, Microsoft's) power to further destroy our freedom in the future

It's the same deal with iOS isn't it? Even with Android phones you need to work to root them. Same thing for Tivos, TVs, consumer linux routers, etc; the device and software are sold as a single package. Hardly a new evil Microsoft thing, and not even controversial outside of the FSF.

But I agree 100% that if you don't like it don't buy it.

Comment Re:Study, create, have a lazy Australian steal it (Score 1) 122

How about getting paid for your time amongst many others?

So we should be rewarded in fewer ways? We should only be rewarded if our IP can be protected due to the fact that it can't be copied (e.g. in writing business applications)?

Just as some obvious starts reducing the time period (as the PP proposes), reducing the scope (e.g. fair use much wider, separating so-called moral rights, de-criminialize etc.), reducing the hiding/secrecy (e.g. Hollywood acounting - far too easy to hide massive scams with "IP" so have much stricter transparency rules with any money associated with IP), taxing DRM (artificial scarcity and market manipulation should be paid for) and reducing the penalties (copying is not stealing no matter how much you wish it was). There are many possibilities.

All things which dilute protection of IP, and will make it harder to reward content creators. That's an improvement only for certain people, and only in the short-term. No thanks.

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