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Comment Re:And in "real-life"... (Score 4, Insightful) 198

The fact that socialization is happening with the aid of a computer does not make it inherently more dangerous...

Yes it does. There is far more access to dangerous materials and dangerous people online than there is in person. While there's a slight advantage in a greater pool of potential victims to hide in the crowd of, the danger in the ability of predators of any stripe (not just sexual) to reach your kids from anywhere in the country or even the world. There's not as much ability for kids to tell what a "bad neighborhood" is online as in real life.

There's also less public shame for bad behavior and a greater tendency for people to act in herds of like-minded individuals. (See, e.g. the resurgence of white supremacist groups in the modern day or "thinspiration" sites.) You don't have to encounter people who disagree with you, unless you want to -- even if just to troll them. Witness comments section of any news or politics site.

[W]ithout the Interwebs this girl would still have been harassed, and we should be working to stop the harassment, not to stop the use of computers in harassment.

The harassment would have been completely different in tone and scale. Hiding behind a computer is quite different from doing something where witnesses who might disapprove would be present to act as a check or the much simpler one of being within arms reach. Witness Xbox Live, the domain of bullies who would be the bullied anywhere else.

Tools matter. There's a difference between two hotheaded boys getting in a fist fight and two armed hotheaded boys getting into a fight. The same is true of cyberbullying v. in-person bullying. People act differently in different environments, and online is more (and less) dangerous for certain types of behavior.

Comment Re:Press release from a not even published poster. (Score 5, Insightful) 285

And you can't even be mad at this one since it is done by undergrads.

Yes, actually you can....

Seriously, a press beat up about a bunch of collage kids screwing up their class science project makes you "mad"? - And who are you mad at? - Strangely it's not the "journalist" who manufactured the beat up, it's the kids!! Little wonder the American public are so easily manipulated via their own media outlets.

Comment Re:Running key is dead... Long Live the One Time P (Score 4, Interesting) 71

The math behind public key encryption is still secure. When PKI fails, it is due to bad key management. OTP has the same problem, pad management. The beauty of public key encryption is that it doesn't matter who eavesdrops on your public key, you don't have to prearrange anything with anyone. OTP does not have the same advantages, and keeping your pad secure is every bit as difficult as keeping your private key secure.

Comment Re:Innovation comes from all places but the USA? (Score 1) 123

Define recent years, for one thing.

Pretty much everything internet has been pioneered in America: ecommerce, social media, search engines, online maps, instant messaging, web video, blogs, BitTorrent and most other P2P services, Tor, etc. There may be a few earlier versions of these ideas that you can point to (e.g. Minitel), but the versions the world uses today are all defined by American companies.

There's a lot of other computer innovation in America too. The top CPU & GPU makers are all American companies. So are the top OS manufacturers. So are the top database vendors, the most of top networking hardware companies, and all the top cloud computing services. Behind the scenes, we have many companies that are world leaders in supply-chain automation like Amazon and Wall-mart.

Those are just my areas of knowledge. We also have a successful aerospace and pharmaceutical sector, so I suspect a lot of innovation there too. We've had a lot of innovation in energy too, but that technology is pretty much global at this point.

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