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Comment Go for it, but be realistic. (Score 1) 834

I was requested to do a 1 year masters degree as a condition on my employment. The company paid me that year to do it, and I did finish a Masters in Computer Sciences and I do not regret it. However, the following has been true for me.
  • It got me a job and a nice salary bump when I started after completion, because of the conditions of my employment.
  • It did not help me to get promoted later on as a manager. That takes politics. You'll be better off getting the PMP rather than a Masters, if that's what you want in life.
  • It looks nice on the resume and your business card.
  • It's not as relevant after several years in the industry. Oddly enough, certification gets more wight, unless you're a PhD going to Academia. It also depends where you work. For instance, if I were going to work in Puerto Rico, an EIT or PE it's more useful than a Masters, but that's because the PR job market is license crazy.
  • If you do your masters mid-career does not equate a change in responsibility or salary. But, you can use it to find a new and better job being that you can create a relationship with the career center. (Sometimes, in retrospect, I should've considered that). I've known folks that the company paid for their MBA and continued performing the same job after graduation.
  • You get a better sense on Academia. You learn how to work in complex projects and prepares you for research and in some cases, dissertation. That'll help you when you have to defend your design or proposal against your peers or supervisors.

I did it when I had the chance, if you're in no rush to start working, have money to pay for it and you know which area of interest you're going to pursue, go ahead and do it. Later in life it'll be harder (but not impossible).

Comment Re:brilliant or dangerous? (Score 1) 1134

I do not know. My company have a good way to handle these guys.

Follow the Method of Operation.

or... find another job.

Follow the code of conduct.

or... fine another job.

These issues need to be solved straight away, nobody, and I mean nobody, is good enough for this kind of behavior. The reason why he managed to fixed the code in an hour is because he was the only one that understood his crappy code. The only reason he meet the deadlines, is because he writes crappy code.

There's no need for those losers in an organization.

Comment Re:Expected (Score 1) 1654

In your case, you might be stuck the VZ. I swapped from Verizon to Cablevision after dealing with some guy in Taiwan in a lousy VOIP line after spending 2 hours with a guy in India asking me to turn on or off my DSL modem. The problem was already documented from their tech that my line was too far from the central office and the DSL link was unreliable. It was clearly an SS7 problem, but those drones did not want to hear about it.

The day I disconnected from them there was a meek satisfaction hearing the sales rep. begging for me to stay.

Comment For what is worth... (Score 1) 1654

Although I understand the intention of the newscast to help this young lady, I feel that the overall reporting was overall biased. It's not the first time I've seen this kind of "behavior" on the local or smaller news outlets. One time while reading El Nuevo Dia, they were looking for "Linux" to refute a story they wrote. I guess that the silver lining is that at least its some publicity...

Turn an iPhone Into a Pocket Theremin 31

Earyauteur writes "The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) is running a story on an interesting motion-controlled iPhone application which uses the iPhone's 3-axis accelerometer to control a digital synthesizer. The musical instrument is played much like a theremin with the added ability to perform music using different musical scales. TUAW also links to a YouTube video which shows a performer demonstrating the iPhone instrument."

Comment Pssff... (Score 1) 172

I almost got mugged in Newark, near the train station, I managed to outsmart the guy by getting into the bus while the doors were closing (hey, they do the same to snag a chain before the subway closes door). I do not think that it will not work, and how people are extremely PO'ed with Corzine and all the spending all over the state, I think that this is helping who knows who's pocket rather than fighting crime. The city of Cayey, Puerto Rico put a lot of cameras all over town. Two weeks ago the FBI nabbed 70 people living in public housing that were selling drugs for the past 16 years. Did it help? No, people in Cayey do not feel any safer, and complain downtown has become a shooting gallery. I doubt that will help...

Submission + - 3 arrested for smugging radioactive material (go.com)

GSGKT writes: On ABCNews' website there is a story about 3 arrested for smugging and selling radioactive material for $1 million. From ABC News story: The Slovakian police today arrested three people for trying to sell more than 2 pounds of radioactive material, a police spokesman told ABC News. The radioactive material was seized near the border of Ukraine, between Slovakia and Hungary, Slovakian police spokesman Martin Korch said. He did not know the type of radioactive material seized, and the police did not reveal any information about the alleged intended buyer."

Submission + - Quest releases Toad for MySQL 3.1 for the masses (toadsoft.com)

-=Lookup Wizard=- writes: "Quest Software has released the latest version of Toad for MySQL.

Besides giving users a full blown sql editor with code formating, auto statement completion, macros and a load of other goodies, version 3.1 has a drag and drop query builder, ER diagrammer, database admin tool set, advanced data searching, and reporting tools.

Improvements in the latest release include: enhancement in the editor's error highlighting, subqueries for the query builder, and new extensive data compare capabilities. It's a full-blown, uncompromised version for the cost of a download.

Need to debug your functions and stored procedures? You can give Toad for MySQL 4.0 Beta a spin. It gives you breakpoints, local variable inspection, a call stack, and more."


Submission + - Student maps brain to image search (computerworld.com.au)

StonyandCher writes: "A Canadian computer science grad is mapping the way the human brain works to technology that will power a search engine for visual images to be launched mid next year. "The brain is very parallel. There's lots of things going on at once," he said. "Graphics processors are also very parallel, so it's a case of almost mapping the brain onto graphics processors, getting them to process visual information more effectively." The University of Ottawa said master's student Kris Woodbeck was working with the government's Technology Transfer and Business Enterprise (TTBE) office to secure a patent on his approach, which will form the intellectual property for a startup devoted to image search."

Submission + - Google locates mobile phone users with cell towers (networkworld.com) 1

jbrodkin writes: "Google today launched a GPS-like service for smartphones that uses cell tower ID information to track the location of mobile phone users and direct them to nearby destinations. The technology, an extension of Google Maps, "takes information broadcast from cell towers and sifts it through Google-developed algorithms to approximate a user's current location on the map," Google says. Google seems to anticipate concerns from privacy rights advocates, and has promised not to associate location data with any personally identifiable information. This new mobile version of Google Maps is available in beta."

Submission + - Professor Breaks Bank Security to Prove Point

swehack writes: "Norweigan computer science professor Kjell Jørgen Hole was dissapointed at how his bank handled the security concerns he had. So he took matters into his own hands, and made it a project to break the security as a proof of concept. Along with his students he worked for approximately 100 hours and managed to successfully break the banks security measures, transfer money between accounts without the owner noticing and steal the identity of banking customers. Original article in Swedish."
Operating Systems

Submission + - New NeoPhonetics Tool Answers the Question: Is You

Kristen Keller writes: "Network Assessment Tool Provides VoIP Readiness Evaluation in Minutes TINLEY PARK, IL — (July 16, 2007) — NeoPhonetics®, a telephony provider that designs, implements and supports custom VoIP systems for enterprises, today announced the launch of its Network Assessment Tool. Now, any company considering a data VoIP solution can determine whether their cabling, switching and routers, and network bandwidth are VoIP-compatible in a matter of minutes. "The need for this tool became apparent through numerous conversations with our customers," said Chad Agate, CEO of NeoPhonetics. "Instead of verbally administrating the Network Assessment Tool, both current and potential customers can now simply go to our Web site and answer the questions in just three minutes. Through this streamlined process, not only do customers save time, but we can ensure a high-quality NeoPhonetics VoIP solution for every customer." The Network Assessment Tool is an educational tool developed with non-technical users in mind. It is a first step in helping businesses determine whether their networks are ready for data VoIP. By answering a few simple questions online, the tool assesses compatibility requirements such as having: 80 kilobits of available bandwidth for every concurrent phone call Category 5 cabling or better to every VoIP telephone Network switches that are Power Over Ethernet (PoE), Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) and Quality of Service (QoS) capable and configured Should a business use the tool and determine it would like to pursue an enterprise-grade VoIP system, NeoPhonetics can then provide a full, tailored Network Readiness Assessment. "In many ways, the Network Assessment Tool is a network readiness screening tool. In the way that doctors screen to determine if more tests are necessary, this tool can be used to determine if a business' network is clearly ready for VoIP already or if further evaluation is needed," added Agate. NeoPhonetics' Network Assessment Tool is available at http://neophonetics.com/pages/voipresources/networ kassessment. About NeoPhonetics NeoPhonetics designs, implements and supports custom VoIP telephony systems for enterprises with at least fifty employees. With a specialty in open source Asterisk® installations, NeoPhonetics creates solutions that offer more features, flexibility and cost effectiveness than traditional telephony systems. The company differentiates itself from other providers by offering on-site network design and integration as well as 24/7 support. In 2006, NeoPhonetics received the "Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award" by Frost & Sullivan for its role as an emerging company with vast potential in the enterprise telephony equipment services market. Additional information can be found at www.neophonetics.com. NeoPhonetics and the NeoPhonetics logo are registered trademarks of NeoPhonetics. Asterisk and the Asterisk Business Edition are registered trademarks of Digium Inc. ###"

Submission + - Future of Netradio may depend on DRM adoption (arstechnica.com)

Bearhouse writes: ars technica reports that the planned tripling of royalties for US-based net radios may be postponed, but at a price. From the article, "SoundExchange has offered to cap the $500 per channel minimum fee at $50,000 per year for webcasters who agree to provide more detailed reporting of the music that they play and work to stop users from engaging in 'streamripping' — turning Internet radio performances into a digital music library,". Could this mean a return to 'pirate radio', with sites moving offshore?

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