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Comment Re:Even supporters should want to kill this thing (Score 1) 398

But at the same time - that's not the reason why our health care costs are higher while our coverage is lower. You can look at the stats - there are the Scandinavian countries with great social programs that spend quite a bit on health care, then everyone else is less than half the costs of the US. We're spending over twice as much as most countries and we still have tens of millions without any coverage at all!

Even looking at Greece - a country that spent too much on social programs and is known for having citizens that don't work much is down at near 1/3 the costs the US. Now it's possible that all these countries are just better at educating their citizens and giving them preventative care - that could cut down on a lot of the factors that raise health costs later in life. Either way, we should be looking at what they're doing and what we're doing wrong, because what we've been doing the past few decades sure as hell hasn't been working.

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