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Comment Re:All your tax avoidance schemes are done (Score 1) 293

Point 3: the transaction is deemed to take place at the location of the business. That is the only workable way to do it: the transaction doesn't take place at the purchaser's location, because companies would have to keep track of tens of thousands of individual taxing districts throughout the country, and put up with tens of thousands of different sets of regulations concerning how to collect and distribute the taxes. That won't work. Even today, when computers could tell you what the taxes are, keeping track of how much tax to collect, and all the different reporting and payment requirements, would only be possible for giant corporations. Small companies would be out of business.

There's software that does it - even a small business can do it. What a small business can't do as easily as a large one is "relocate" its headquarters to a state with no sales tax (rent a one room office with mailing address there).

Comment Re:50% dumber. (Score 1) 495

It's like how Linux gives you more control to customize your machine through the CLI. You get more control over the backend at the expense of losing convenience in the front end. Many people want that extra control, while others are just fine with leaving it to a machine and wouldn't gain any benefit based on their usage if they didn't have it.

Comment Re:In the USA (Score 1) 398

Yeah, if you believe United Nations' reports on the matter.

Why believe the UN? Just look at satellite images of the North Pole. Plenty of non-UN come to the same conclusion.

Yeah, right. Wake me up, when Al Gore sells his — recently purchased — ocean front villa and moves to the hills.

He's got a few years before he should be worried - the places in trouble are those only a few feet above sea level.

Bzzz! Wrong ... Revising history again.

Did you read the article you linked or just picked the first google result? Even that article agrees corn isn't a great choice for fuel. There might be something to be said for other types of ethanol as fuel, but you'll find the majority of scientists (or those that have done research into the matter - yourself included) agree that corn isn't helping. If it weren't for the money going to farmers (and the promise of energy independence) do you think we'd really have these subsidies?

Oh, another wonderful quote... The world-destroying lightbulbs — Edison (and Tesla) laughing sadly.

I didn't think I'd have to spell out everything so much - the lightbulbs are just one example of something that uses electricity. We have better ones now that use less electricity and save you money! Using lots of electricity is bad because our electricity comes from sources that release a lot of gases that lead to global warming. Global warming is bad. The lightbulbs themselves are OK.
This might frighten you, but the government is coercing you to do lots of stuff you probably don't like. Did you know that they are COERCING you not to run over pedestrians at crosswalks? Crazy right! When will this tyranny end!

This is not about me — you'd do better next time, if you refrain from outright ad-hominems...

It's about everyone, you included. Saying you're not going to do anything about global warming was an observation based on your posts, not an attack on your person. Are you going to do something? Seems you won't accept even basic facts about the planet (ice/sea levels, temperature, CO2, etc) and assume that if you don't like the ones you read, then they must be false, without doing any research on your own.

Comment Re:In the USA (Score 1) 398

Unless there are government grants to be had for not correcting oneself. Hence the infamous "hide the decline".

In that case, the science was still accurate, but the politicians would get confused. Multiple reviews have shown there to be nothing to be corrected.

In any case, the sole measure of science quality is the reliability of its predictions, and in the case of Global Warming, err., pardon me, Climate Change the passionately-made predictions stubbornly fail to materialize: icebergs fail to melt, waters fail to rise, etc.

"Global Warming" is still an accurate description. You can check my previous post to see the graph showing global temperatures rising. Those predictions have actually materialized. The Arctic (and icebergs) are melting, sea levels rise, etc. Just because you ignore global warming and its effects, doesn't mean it's not happening.

Urged? That would've been fine. How about coerced — and outright forced?

You missed the "urge" stage - things have been getting a bit more urgent so you're not being allowed to destroy the world anymore. No one's forcing you to use bulbs with mercury in them - there are plenty of alternatives.

Neither of these two activities has anything to do with global warming directly. I think, you messed up your "climate change" talking points with the more general anti-Capitalism ones...

By mining, I was referring to mining for coal/natural gas (large sources of global warming) . By factories I was referring to the boilers and machinery used in large factories the emit gases contributing to global warming. Didn't think I'd have to be that specific...

Things like corn ethanol aren't about helping global warming - they're about subsidizing farmers and energy independence.

Sure it may be a little inconvenient that your light bulb costs $1.20 instead of $0.60, but you know what's even more inconvenient? Superstorms, flooding, excessive heat, the list goes on... When members of our society think that their savings on lightbulbs are worth destroying the world over, sometimes we have to coerce them to do the right thing.

It's obvious you would never do anything to prevent global warming. You don't believe in it despite the overwhelming evidence and it looks like you'd be the type to burn tires just to spite people that like the environment.

Comment Re:In the USA (Score 2) 398

The climate isn't a consistent thing, there will be outliers - the period in the 1880's is one of them. The issue is the average is going up, while the standard deviation is going down, so we're getting a higher number of storms, but we're getting them every year, not just once every 25/50 years. Note the density in recent years compared to historic in the graph of hurricanes per year.

NOAA recently released a report detailing 12 major weather events we've been having (droughts, floods, storms) and their link to climate. There's yet to be a "debunking" of this that uses science instead of conspiracy theories.

The great thing about science is that it corrects itself when it's wrong - hence why the global cooling theories were overturned and replaced with the more accurate global warming. Now, while global warming is happening , it confuses some because it causes more shifts in climate often resulting in colder temperatures (or more snow), so even though the global temperature on average is rising, there are pockets of cold. The models also show this to produce more extreme weather events as shown in the NOAA report above.

The labels may vary, but the proposed action is the same - citizens are urged to change to cleaner energy sources. The libertarians should love this idea, because renewables mean they can be completely independent from utilities or governments and provide their own sources of power with solar or wind. The ones that get hurt are the poor little guy strip-mining a mountain or running a factory.

It's not about control, it's about moving to better energy sources. The first step is education, but there have always been greedy people that don't care what they're doing to everyone else - the same type that output poison into the river killing everything. Then the big government has to come in and tell them that it's not OK to be killing everything.

Comment Re:Ironic this... (Score 2) 1030

I did like the summary's descriptions of events. Solyndra went bankrupt in 2011 and 'coincidentally' prices plummeted at the same time. China heavily subsidizes their businesses, so it's only fair we do the same (or put in place restrictions/tariffs) unless we want the "free market" to wipe out our companies.

Comment Re:More things to break... (Score 1) 152

So just because something might break means we shouldn't use it? I know that the use of different tools in woodshop gave me much more ways to work on my projects, and even broken parts gave insight into how they worked and how to repair them. For instance, film projectors stuttering is most often due to damaged film or faulty loop sizes.

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