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Comment Re:Complete overhaul please (Score 2) 462

Correct, when I go pretty much anywhere in the world I know the work day starts around 9, lunch will be around 12, the day ends and many businesses will close around 5 or 6, then dinner will be a bit after that. Sure you can add radio receivers in all consumer electronics - it's boost the price a bit and be useless in most places since they can't receive the signal (though the recent upgrades might help). It's not really important if clocks are off by a few minutes when I'm deciding when to get lunch.

Comment Re:Complete overhaul please (Score 5, Insightful) 462

That's make things really confusing. It seems like a good idea at first, but it means stores all will have to have custom hours set. You'd end up with things like "Post Offices in former CST are open from 10-6". When you travel some place you'd have to learn all the local customs. Do people here have lunch at 19 or 20? Do stores close at 01 or 03?

Comment Re:I want to search just my pc (Score 1) 398

Until you want to find some configuration file from some program. Where's that going to be?
Maybe where you installed the program? If it's an older program not updated for Vista and running as admin.
Maybe in the virtual directory of where you installed the program? For older programs without a manifest ran as a normal user.
Perhaps in the user appdata? Local? LocalLow? Roaming?
Maybe in the CommonData? ProgramData?

Comment Re:Good news, everyone! (Score 1) 123

We have a solution to the traveling salesman problem, it involves checking all the possibilities. Given the city isn't that large, and there are likely roads that can be removed because a bus can't go down them, how long do you think a solution would take? Compared to the rate of a bus, it's likely trivial.

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