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Comment Re:Track your every move (Score 1) 257

Even with the recent cold snap here when temperatures 'as cold as Mars' our Nest never failed to start the furnace.

My thermostat also did that and it's a rolled up piece of metal that contracts and expands to complete a circuit. No batteries required! I haven't seen a thermostat that "failed to start the furnace" just because it was cold..

Comment Not sure this is a "Cave" (Score 5, Interesting) 198

With offline mode, EA can now shut down the servers that were once required while still selling the game. Since SimCity isn't subscription based, the servers are just a drain of money for them at this point since the hype died down and not many are going to pirate it.

Come a few months they'll be announcing that the online portion will be shuttered, but look forward to the next great EA release!

Comment Re:second whine (Score 1) 1043

Oh and the inevitably make 2 transactions, one in cash for all the "goodies" that you can't buy with food stamps and one for the stapes that they are allowed.

That just shows a lack of education or old technology in use. The system is designed so they can use a SNAP card to pay for the SNAP eligible items, and use cash for the rest - only 1 transaction is necessary.

Comment Re:Hmm (Score 1) 110

I had the same problem - turns out clocks are handy. Of course there's still the one on the thermometer, the thermostat, the stove, the microwave, and everything electronic in my pocket - but what am I suppose to do? Turn my head around? Not when I have an electronic picture frame I can stick in my living room with a clock!

Comment People don't upgrade (Score 2) 432

There are lots of people that have installed python (or had it installed), but not as many that are willing to upgrade their python installation to the latest version. The jump to python 3.0 is a little tricky because some code is not compatible (which is why we still have 2.x) so there's lots of software that would break if people upgrade.

When developing, it's important to aim for the lowest support level. If all my customers are running offline RHEL 4, I'm stuck with python 2.3.

Comment Smart phones make poor remote controls (Score 1, Insightful) 28

I have one of those $15 remote control helicoptors that uses a smart phone as the control. It's difficult to work because you have to look at the screen to make sure you still have your thumb over the throttle/"joystick" while at the same time looking at the aircraft. It has a motion control mode too, but that only helps with steering and very precise steering is needed.

If it's cheap enough, it might make a cool remote control unit and it'd be great if it has an affordable camera.

Comment Strange form factor (Score 4, Interesting) 219

The choice of an SD card seems like a strange form factor. As far as I've seen, they're only useful as storage devices. I guess you could put some cloud interface or image processing in it, but it doesn't look like a good choice for a raspberrypi replacement as it'd be difficult to attach anything to it.

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