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Comment Re:A question worth asking, other half of Google i (Score 1) 382

Probably the other searches weren't even taken into account. It seems more like the police asked about pressure cookers so the dad said "oh yeah I was searching for those the other day" and then mom remembers "oh I was searching for backpacks" then they put those together with the recent news about the NSA and hit the media with it.

Comment Re:Seriously? I mean seriously? (Score 1) 411

You seem to be confusing things that sometimes happen in the US with things that always happen in the US.

1. I've seen a dui roadblock once in the US (another one in Canada). The officer asked a couple questions ("had I been drinking?" "no") then let me on my way. It's not like the Iraqi style checkpoints where the whole vehicle gets searched over.
2. That's a generalization. Some airports just have metal detectors. If you're flying on a private plane you won't see any of that. Pretty much the same in other countries.
3. That may be true for some police officers (the ones you see on youtube), but you're not going to read about the millions of friendly interactions that happen. I bet you could find similar bad apple officers in other countries.
4. There are very few cases of this. The Swartz case was terrible, there are others like it that shouldn't have happened either, but lots of countries prosecute computer crimes.

We do have problems with our drug laws and sentencing, but that doesn't make us a Police state like Syria.

As for an American freedom most countries don't have - out first amendment rights are a great example. Now I know you're going to say "OMG but Bush's freedom of speech zones and that time a police officer silenced someone!" but the reality is we have much more protection to say what we want than other countries in the world. Just look at the KKK and Nazi parades that are allowed.

You seem to think that there are all these perfect countries outside of the US, but failed to list a single one of them (aside from the ones with friendly police - Cuba, Laos, Columbia, and Malaysia). Is that because they're all imaginary or because you wouldn't want people to find similar counter examples for those countries?

Comment Re:Apropos lowest retail cost (Score 1) 322

The second is a shower head which they price at $437.22. Again, you don't buy a shower head every year, the $400+ ones will have a 10-year warranty and are going to be of significantly better quality than what comes out of a 3-D printer.

I've bought a shower head in the past. It cost $25. Looking on amazon, there are even some in the $5 range! There are a few in the expensive range that cost hundreds of dollars, but those also include quite a bit of plumbing, polished chrome/brass, knobs, and are made of metal. Even those are over priced. It seems the "researchers" just want to amazon and clicked "sort price high to low" then picked the first results.

Comment Re:Finally Fixing the Date stuff (Score 2) 434

Just imagine how many lines of useless java code could be removed if it had implemented properties! No more of these pointless getValue(){return value;} that everyone in the java world seems to admire. if there's a part of your code that can be auto generated, there's a problem with the language.

Comment Re:LESS government, NOT more! (Score 1) 355

Yet in cities with municipal utilities they citizens have much better service for much less money. It's the companies that have been pushing these agreements with municipalities to have monopolies, not the cities. It's too much cost to run separate lines for each company (not to mention the difficulty a smaller company would have.

Just look at the phone market where there are options available and very little preventing people from switching. You'd thing the free market would have brought the prices down, but instead I can often get my TV/phone/Internet at home for the same price as a phone plan.

Comment Re:Smart guns... (Score 1) 814

Suicide isn't a subset of Homicide, but even if HALF of those were suicides, there would still be more gun homicides than everything else combined.

According to the CDC there were 19,392 gun related suicides, so over twice as many as homicides.

Sometimes the NRA column in the TeaParty newsletter isn't the most reliable source of facts.

Comment Re:Smart guns... (Score 2) 814

Guns are not number one.

I take it you've never visited the FBI's website.

The statistics conservatives were excited about a few months ago was that Rifles (not handguns, shotguns, or other) were responsible for fewer deaths than "blunt objects" (which includes clubs, hammers, etc). Of course this morphed into "Hammers kill more people than guns", but according to the statistics, guns make up over two thirds of all homicides.

Comment Re:Sadly, no ... (Score 1) 326

But do people other than computer professionals actually disable javascript? Since firefox receives statistics on every button clicked, I'm guessing the usage is so low that accidental clicks make up a good percentage. At that point it's a failure of a user interface to provide extra options that are never used.

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