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Comment Re:Modern Jesus (Score 1) 860

I had to go the same way - especially with NCIS LA where 50% of the time, the suspect would be killed by the team or interrogated in a secret...boathouse with no lawyer. Not to mention the "hacking". My girlfriend got mad at me for making comments so I'm not allowed in the room anymore while it's on.

Comment Re:Science or Not (Score 1) 476

There really aren't two sides - it's like comparing evolution with ID - the experts are overwhelmingly on one "side".

Saying "well he's going to pollute so I might as well too" is a horrible philosophy. We can do our part to move to better energy sources, and pressure China to follow, but China is not even going to consider it if the US is using the very same fuel.

Comment Re:Modern Jesus (Score 2, Interesting) 860

There's no protesting or even as much outrage as there should be because it's not a very interesting leak. There's not even a group being victimized (like hispanics or conservative 501c4s), it's something that affects everyone equally.

It's not like people are being inconvenienced like by the TSA, basically it's an out-of-sight, out-of-mind situation. Furthermore, most people probably expect the government has been doing this all along. If you watch CSI/NCIS they use information like this all the time without warrants so people believe that as much as they believe the government can scan photos and match/identify faces.

We're not going to see any change in congress - back in the Bush administration when the secret NSA rooms were discovered in telecom buildings, the same issue came up and latest went away. Due to our poor election laws, the only alternative to a centrist Democrat like Obama is a right-wing nut job who would take the same actions (probably go further).

Comment Re:... with government funds and subsidized chargi (Score 1) 311

The goal is to put a solar canopy over them to help power the station. Probably once the onsite batteries are charged, they'd even be able to make money on some of the lesser used routes. It's not so bad when you're wasting solar panel since it's going to waste anyways.

Battery swapping may seem like a common sense idea, but the technology in batteries isn't there that we can have a small enough batter package that can be robust enough to be swapped.

Comment Nice and snappy on a netbook (Score 3, Interesting) 185

I was looking for a new distro to upgrade an old netbook and installed the RC this weekend (with MATE desktop). It started out a little shakey as the keyboard didn't work, and the mouse wouldn't click (due to a hardware issue and trackpad clicks not enabled), but after a restart and some mouse settings, it's nice and snappy.

Previously had Ubuntu netbook remix and tried Ubuntu with Unity, but that was just so awkward to use with a tiny screen and trackpad, and somewhat sluggish when web browsing.

I'd never tried Linux Mint or MATE in the past, but it seems to be a good combination for a low power computer.

Comment Re:What exactly is their business plan? (Score 1) 191

The Opera button was in place before firefox cloned it (available in a a weekly build).

The current version seems to be just the basics of getting webkit working in a browser - there aren't a lot of the features Opera is known for, but even this stripped down version could be useful for someone looking for a lightweight browser

Comment Re:Nice. (Score 1) 446

That's a legitimate way of thinking for someone with a twisted mind. The people committing terrorists attacks might be cutting down on the tax base and sending a message to the voters that elected people that made decisions to attack their countries. Of course a reasonable terrorist (oxymoron) would attack an area that voted for the people pushing the wars or attack targets that more directly related.

Comment Re:Nice. (Score 2, Informative) 446

Taxes aren't stealing - they're part of an agreement you've made with the government by continuing to live in the country.

In Solyndra's case the tax money was used to invest in a superior type of solar panel technology that ultimately turned out to cost more than the heavily subsidized Chinese solar panels. I guess the government could just stick to blowing people up, but I'd much rather prefer all the new technology and progress.

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