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Comment Re:CFLs still suck (Score 1) 1146

It's worth noting that not all LEDs provide good light output. I tested a bunch of them that my parents were trying out and some friends, including a few "natural light" varieties, and only a couple of them turned out to be similar to sunlight. Used a homemade spectrometer (chunk of DVD in a box with a webcam) to see the breakdown in light - most have a huge spike in the blue range, the best were nice and even across all the colors.

Comment Re:UK banned guns, violent crime DOUBLED. less def (Score 2) 894

You wouldn't expect the violent crime to drop off instantly unless they had a large gun recovery program to get them out of the hands of criminals. The guns were already out there. Looking a bit farther than 5 years (there was a large spike in crime 5 years after), the crime rate dropped to a 40 year low.

Comment Re:Stinky Poo. (Score 1) 586

How do you know it doesn't? The numbers touted for the federal exchange have included it, so this probably does too. But still, it's basically just been finished so people can actually use it. No one would reasonably say Windows 8 only had 40 users in the month of November if they download link was wrong.

Comment Re:Power companies need to think bigger. (Score 1) 296

Why bother have them be vehicles? Just plant a trailer full of batteries somewhere. If the power connection to provide the power is good enough to feed the power from the trucks, it should be enough to recharge them slowly overnight. Making them into trucks just changes the distribution from a relatively cheap wire to an expensive machine that causes wear on the roads

The problem with batteries in this case is that they are expensive. They needed 6 cars worth of batteries for the load balancing that saved them less than $5k. Pumped storage is much cheaper - even flywheels would probably provide better capacity for the price at that size.

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