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Comment Re:People WILL exploit it (Score 1) 197

But we shouldn't let our fear of these people stop us from trying new technologies. It's possible to take counter measures to prevent the evil hackers getting in while still enjoying the benefits of it.

You think there is no profit to be made in wiping people's cell phones? Ever hear of blackmail? How about terrorism? Think there is no profit to be made in selling technology to mass kill cell phones to terrorist groups who might want to cause problems? There is profit to be made in exploits if you really think about it hard enough.

I was referring to the parent post who said "deactivates and wipes EVERY PHONE", which would not be very useful. There are much softer targets already for people looking to cause mayhem, and even terrorists use cellphones.

Comment Re:That's a great plan... (Score 2, Interesting) 197

I like how every time a new piece of technology comes up with integration into devices we have (phones, cars, toasters), the immediate response on /. is always "But what about the hackers!" as if there's a group of malicious hackers just waiting for the technology to appear so they could exploit it. There are plenty of vulnerable technologies out today (SCADA systems for one) but hackers aren't so interested in disrupting these systems because they're pure evil. Most systems get hacked because there's some profit to be made out of it or someone is trying to put a message out there. While beeping people's car horns or shutting off their cell phones might send A message, it's not sending a useful one, and unless T-Mobil or HTC is doing the hacking, there isn't a profit to be made from it.

Comment Re:The real truth? (Score 1) 574

I second this. I just got IPv6 through my ISP and most of my devices just picked up an address and started using it right away.

However, the GP is correct in that ISPs need to upgrade a lot of expensive routers to add support. The good news is they have to upgrade them regularly anyways, so if they just make the decision to go the IPv6 route, it'll happen. I imagine plenty are partially supporting IPv6 already, but that one stubborn switch won't die.

Comment Re:what price increases? (Score 1) 424

I just signed up for Comcast's 50mbps package. Got it hooked up and saw it was only getting to 15 at best, yet they still sell that (when they also have a 25mbps package that I switched to). The line's probably just overloaded, but it seems almost fraudulent that they'd sell two services that provide the same thing except one advertises higher and costs more.

Comment Re:Look at the History (Score 2) 535

Might remember that Democrats only had a filibuster proof majoirty in the senate for a few months: From July 7th 2009 when Al Franken was finally sworn in to August 25th when Ted Kennedy died (Kennedy was terminally ill for much of that), then from September 24th to February 4, 2010 which includes the largest amount of holiday time for the Senate.

With the health care law being a priority, small items like Net Neutrality (which there was already an FCC rule for) weren't a priority.

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