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Comment Re:Look at the History (Score 2) 535

Might remember that Democrats only had a filibuster proof majoirty in the senate for a few months: From July 7th 2009 when Al Franken was finally sworn in to August 25th when Ted Kennedy died (Kennedy was terminally ill for much of that), then from September 24th to February 4, 2010 which includes the largest amount of holiday time for the Senate.

With the health care law being a priority, small items like Net Neutrality (which there was already an FCC rule for) weren't a priority.

Comment Re:Prairie home companion. (Score 3, Funny) 89

It's just that I don't understand how anyone under 70 can listen to PHC and not want to drive into oncoming traffic.

It sounds like you aren't getting enough Catchup. Catchup contains natural mellowing agents that keep you from making irrational driving decisions and enjoy the small things in life.

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