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Comment Re:I want to search just my pc (Score 1) 398

Until you want to find some configuration file from some program. Where's that going to be?
Maybe where you installed the program? If it's an older program not updated for Vista and running as admin.
Maybe in the virtual directory of where you installed the program? For older programs without a manifest ran as a normal user.
Perhaps in the user appdata? Local? LocalLow? Roaming?
Maybe in the CommonData? ProgramData?

Comment Re:Good news, everyone! (Score 1) 123

We have a solution to the traveling salesman problem, it involves checking all the possibilities. Given the city isn't that large, and there are likely roads that can be removed because a bus can't go down them, how long do you think a solution would take? Compared to the rate of a bus, it's likely trivial.

Comment Re:Senator Obama on raising the debt ceiling (Score 2, Informative) 305

However, when Obama was a senator, the administration had turned a budget surplus into a budget deficit. That was the result of reckless spending on tax cuts and wars.

That contrasts with the current administration which was given a large deficit to start with (made worse by declining tax revenues due to the recession) that has cut government spending.

Comment Re:24h clock (Score 1) 309

1/16th isn't a standard fraction of an inch.

That may be, if you've never owned a ruler with inches.

In reality, a typical ruler has 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 and 1/16, and those are what people will use when denoting length. No one uses "mils" in the real world.

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