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Comment Re:Digg version 2.0 (Score 2) 1191

At first glance I saw the big top thing with all the useless links and "topics" and thought "Wow look at that waste of space". Then I looked at the current slashdot and realized all that stuff is essentially there and takes up the same amount of vertical space. Maybe it's just the relative waste of vertical real estate while they limited the horizontal size, but it seems much more obtrusive.

Comment Re:Whole Federal Gov is non essential (Score 1) 1532

Air traffic control, we could leave that to the airlines, right? Or maybe you'd like 50 different collections of rules

Yes, we probably could. There are international standards for the rules (ICAO) that the US essentially follows now, so there's no reason we'd change from that. There are already variations of the rules per state or airport.

Canada has a privately owned company running the air traffic control (called NAVCANADA) , so it could definitely be done.

Comment Re:Probably Not (Score 1) 282

To be more clear - unsigned applets such as a utility for a game made by a player I know or other cases where the point of visiting the page was to use the applet (where I'd also risk downloading a program). Not cases where I'm browsing the web and there just happens to be a mysterious java applet

Comment Probably Not (Score 2) 282

"Casual" use of Java is fairly rare - if there's an applet on a website, I'm probably going there to find it and won't be worried about it being unsigned. Most sites use Flash or Javascript rather than fire up the JVM.

The typical user will just click "Run" no matter what it says anyways, that's why Google's malware blocking doesn't even give the option to proceed to the website on its warning page.

Comment Re:Thomas Edison - ick (Score 1) 191

Being an expert on Tesla doesn't make you an expert on Edison. Maybe you should broaden your reading. Is Tesla the only one who can attain the rank of "great inventor"? Weren't the phonograph or the quadruplex telegraph or the dozens of inventions relating to telegraphs and sound he invented BEFORE he even opened his lab great inventions?

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