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Comment Re:Oops, they forgot something (Score 1) 1862

We're not talking about serial killers here - the people doing these mass shootings aren't the type to plan through their actions and figure out the correct brands of cleaning components, they went to grab a gun from their local gun show and pop in a magazine with as many bullets as possible.

If there are a few people around hiding behind walls or barricades, 1.5 seconds could be enough time to rush a shooter and interrupt his reloading.

Comment Re:Almost no one is killed by "assault weapons" (Score 1) 1862

You seem to be ignoring the small number of guns involved in this. Clearly the FFLs ARE selling the guns since tens of thousands are being bought and trafficked to Mexico. As any gun nut will tell you, restricting gun sales has no effect on gun crime, therefore, the opposite is also true and making it easier for criminals to get guns also has no effect on gun crime.

Comment Re:Almost no one is killed by "assault weapons" (Score 1) 1862

Not actually true, but good try. The scandal in Fast and Furious wasn't that the US was providing the guns, it was that the US lost track of the guns. The US knew that the guns were being trafficked to Mexico, but due to our ridiculous gun laws, it's actually legal for someone to buy a couple dozen AR-15s at once and then just take them over by the border where they get smuggled across. The trackers weren't adequate for the job, so most of the guns disappeared. Worth noting that the entire operation consisted of only a couple thousand guns or under 5% of the annual traffic.

Comment Re:Doomsday clock (Score 1) 301

The Republicans would lose if they ran on almost anything in that list. If they did manage to get enough nutjobs to vote for them, they'd lose a few years later when the US had moved into a place where the corporations and rich benefit from the lax laws and no technological or social progress is made.

Comment Re:Almost no one is killed by "assault weapons" (Score 1, Insightful) 1862

B. Tens of thousands of guns end up in Mexico from the US. Mexico is actually pleading with the US to restrict sales so that a kid can't go in and buy 20 heavy weapons to smuggle across the border.
C. The guns are coming from the surrounding areas, they would be just as dangerous (or more) if they allowed guns. A (geographically) broader ban on guns would bring down the gun deaths.

Comment Re:Almost no one is killed by "assault weapons" (Score 1) 1862

Or more as the teachers accidentally shoot students, students steal the teachers' guns to play with, end up shooting themselves. Having more guns around - especially around children makes it more dangerous. Considering the number of kids killed in school shootings compared to the number of kids killed in accidental gun deaths, I'd guess we're better off now.

Comment Re:Oops, they forgot something (Score 1) 1862

Oh if you can do it, that means everyone can. 1.5 seconds is still a lot of time for bystanders to get in and take down the shooter.

What's stopping people from making chlorine gas in a crowded place is: 1. that's more complicated than getting a gun. Killers typically aren't smart reasonable people. 2. They'd risk killing themselves 3. It's not as directed, so they might end up killing the guy next to them, but not the woman they hate across the room. 4. Good ventilation systems.

The thing about criminals is that they aren't just evil people always breaking the law. They're people like everyone else. If you make a law saying they can't carry a gun somewhere, say a store or bar, then they have to actively break a law before they've committed another crime before murdering someone which provides another chance to stop them and another chance for them to reconsider. If it's just a random shooting, like the killer got in an argument with someone and decided to "stand his ground", then he wouldn't have a weapon if he didn't want to first break the "no-gun" law.

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