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Comment Re:On the other hand... (Score 1) 148

So basically you're saying you didn't understand the basic premise or the article.

I can easily navigate home and find a pizza shop normally too, but when I want a navigation system to get home I'm often somewhere where I DON'T know the best route. I might be able to drive back, but if it's a multi-leg trip or through areas without 2-way streets then it doesn't help. Nav systems for normal driving are most useful for when they can route around traffic, since they know more than I can in that situation. Which of the three routes should I take to get home? A couple clicks on the nav system and I'm on my way.

Comment Re:Dealbreaker (Score 1) 225

Wait until you learn the space bar will scroll down the page! You could totally lose your place if you were typing and then clicked somewhere out and pressed spacebar! That's totally not what you wanted at the exact moment.

But wait, it gets worse! Have you ever tried to type a capital W and pressed ctrl instead of shift? It's dangerous and unintuitive and you can lose all your work with just a couple millimeters difference. The W key isn't for navigation, it's for typing words with Ws in them. It's like pressing the alarm key instead of the trunk button on your keys!

This outrage must be addressed immediately! I suggest we ban all keyboard shortcuts so clumsy people don't accidentally do something stupid.

Comment Re:Data loss due to accidental navigation (Score 1) 225

If you're in a text area then the browser acts like a text editor and removes a character. Firefox and Opera at least will retain the message if you click backspace outside the text area and go forward again.

Since back is the most commonly used button, it makes sense to have an easily accessible button on the keyboard.

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