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Comment Re: KNetworkManager (Score 3, Insightful) 341

That's a common misconception. Obfuscation can provide security is the attacker doesn't have the means to de-obfuscate, isn't smart enough to find it, or doesn't have the time/resources to get it. You shouldn't be fooled into thinking you're fully secure, but that's kind of a moot point when talking about WiFi passwords when the attacker has physical access

Comment Re:Fake? (Score 1) 73

Presumably there are lots of non-lego parts. I really doubt he could build an air tank out of legos. I am a little interested in if lots of smaller components could be used to make it smoother or if that would cause other pressure issues. Obviously it would be more parts that could break, but it might have benefits.

Comment Re:CFLs still suck (Score 1) 1146

It's worth noting that not all LEDs provide good light output. I tested a bunch of them that my parents were trying out and some friends, including a few "natural light" varieties, and only a couple of them turned out to be similar to sunlight. Used a homemade spectrometer (chunk of DVD in a box with a webcam) to see the breakdown in light - most have a huge spike in the blue range, the best were nice and even across all the colors.

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