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Comment Re:*confused (Score 1) 1719

While getting people mental help is the best solution desperately needed, we can't just ignore the half dozen mass killings with guns (along with the thousands of other gun deaths). It's best to teach people to stay away from the cliff edge, but putting up a fence doesn't hurt either.

Comment Re:Eheh and his mother was sane? (Score 1) 1719

There's no "natural right" to own an armory. The US has the second amendment that gives the right so that citizens can defend their states as part of a militia, but that doesn't make guns some sort of unregulated pokemon. We could easily limit guns to people with proper training and proper evaluation similar to how we let people have other dangerous items like cars.

Comment Re:Fuck Google and FUCK their "SafeSearch" bullshi (Score 1) 369

I think it's more that many explicit pages are poorly tagged and tend to use innuendo a lot which pollutes that normal searches. If I'm working on something and trying to find an image of a part, I don't want the sex images of some small penis men coming up when I search for "2 inch screws"

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