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Comment Re:Probably not (Score 0) 278

That's a hard comparison to make because there aren't standard evaluations to compare them against each other. There are the parents that are very involved and help their kids succeed - those kids might go on to take the SAT where they can be easily compared to others.

Then there are the ultra-religious or parents that don't care as much who's children might not be getting a full education and just end up working at home or in the family business. They won't show up on the radar because they don't get evaluated.

Comment Re:You are a vendor to google, not a customer (Score 1) 409

Just because they're not getting paid in cash, doesn't mean they're not getting paid.

If I go to a fair and buy a bunch of tokens that I then use to play some games, then the people that run the games turn those tokens in for cash - are they token sellers? Of course not! They're game providers and the tokens are just a medium, similar to how I go to Google, to search and pay them with a bit of my screen space to show ads - Google then turns that screen space in for cash with advertisers.

If you're looking at things from a pure "where do the USD come from?" point of view, then sure they're an advertising company - so are TV stations, newspapers, the sides of highways, buses, etc.

Realistically, it's possible to see that a company can have an indirect source of revenue, and not all companies make money from their primary purpose.

Comment Re:No price != No cost (Score 1) 409


You are a customer when you use Google services. Google provides you a service, and in return you provide them some of your screen real estate.

Advertisers are also a customer. Google provides them access to that screen real estate, in return they give Google money.

Google make its money mostly from advertising, but that's only they provide a good product to their customers that they are able to do that. Movie theaters make most of their money from concessions, but they are not "pop-corn companies", the primary product is showing movies which enables them to sell their more profitable other product of popcorn.

Comment Re:Cloud only applications are a disaster (Score 1) 409

Cloud office suites store documents.... in the cloud

By default, but you're free to save your documents to your hard drive in what ever format is convenient for you just treating them like a normal word processor.

Slightly more hassle of course compared to save/edit anywhere, but I guess that's the price you pay to stave off paranoia.

Comment Re:No properties (Score 1) 302

It's nice to see they've added lamda expressions, but the lack of properties is a serious oversight in Java that should have been added years ago. It's not even a hard concept to add and it fits in just find the OOP model.

Comment Re:I see Slashdot finally got around to (Score 1) 578

All those poor startups that can't build a coal plant?

I agree the ones about car dealers are ridiculous, but those come from lobbying, not in reaction to problems, so they're not the ones people complain about.

Oil pipelines are getting built all over the place - Keystone to Canada has been predicted to do nothing to help oil prices.
Coal mining is terrible for the environment and coal is unhealthy to burn.
Refineries are also very polluting and not economical in most places. I don't see any gas shortages though.

Some people might be fine with destroying our natural resources and sacrificing our health so mega-corporations can increase their profit margins slightly, but fortunately there are regulations to keep those people from doing too much harm.

Comment Re:Yeah, you can totally trust your data... (Score 1) 335

Wow! so for only $83 more I get my data safely backed up and available for 5 years!

If you buy your hard drives at the same time, then a bad batch could take them all out. If there's a bad PSU, then all the drives could die (we'll extend that to bad power if you're using a second machine). Flood and dire are pretty obvious that they'd take out everything. There's definite benefit in an off-site backup that is maintained and monitored constantly.

Comment Re:I see Slashdot finally got around to (Score 3, Insightful) 578

So we're shifting the tax burden off of the businesses - are you then in favor of higher property taxes? A larger income tax? Maybe you'd like to cut programs to help poor people? Is there any evidence that shows lower taxes make the economy stronger or the country better?

Now which regulations are we going to get rid of? Typically the government adds regulations in response to abuse of the system. Maybe we should let companies pollute the rivers as long as they promise not to do it too much? How about lower the safety requirements as long as not many people get chewed up by machinery. Or maybe just let people discriminate against the handicapped.

But yeah, let's worry about getting people health care because it was working perfectly before Obama came along and ruined it for everyone.

Comment Re:The future (Score 1) 712

They're not "theoretical", they already exist. At least in MA, we only have two coal plants left and they're both looking at shutting down.

The natural gas infrastructure is a bit lacking. There was a shortage this winter when everyone was warming their houses (not cooking burgers), so a lot of places needed to switch to oil which we really don't have infrastructure for. Some higher capacity pipelines would be a good addition to more renewables such as off-shore wind power without needing to rely on coal.

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