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Comment Re:USENET? (Score 2) 534

While mobile phones probably refers to texting and different apps more than calling, it seems they conveniently left TV as an option. I didn't see anything about limiting themselves to only TV channels/shows available in 1986. This could easily just push the kids off the computer onto the couch in front of the TV

Comment Re:No. (Score 1) 659

So you're saying we should deport him back to Kenya or something? There's also a good chance that they would be dead AND more people (including Libyan civiilians) would have died if Obama had sent reinforcements - then we'd be hearing the Fox News crowd blaming Obama for recklessly sending troops around.

Comment Re:you know hell has frozen over (Score 1) 531

In reality they have limited resources so they have to pick and choose which cases they take. Would it be better for more cases to be brought because gun rights groups are jumping in to help or fewer because the ACLU is devoting more resources to 2nd amendment cases over less popular 5th amendment cases?

Comment Re:Copywritten? (Score 1) 344

Mr wiki might be wrong on this one - It should have been death +50 (+20 bonus years after 1998). The 120 years is suppose to be time after creation for corporate owned IP. Since it was essentially published (not just created), it would only be 95 years, but since Dr. King wasn't a corporation, I'd guess it'd only be 70 years after his death. Not sure now that his Estate owns it if that turns it into a corporation copyright, but either way, the 120 years seems wrong.

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