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Comment Re:Snopes on the window comment (Score 1) 1223

Per Snopes, although it is true that Romney made that remark, it was clearly told as a joke meant to lighten the mood. It was not a serious comment.

You can ask to any politician dating back to Roman republic, a politician should not "play fool" as a joke. Some may take it seriously.

Comment Intel should develop or get it developed (Score 2) 82

Sounds like you're getting ahead of yourself there. Before you ask if ffmpeg supports quicksync, maybe you should ask if Intel supports quicksync yet. Anyone have an URL of a page at (or whereever), where Intel says how to do it (e.g. op codes)?

If a feature is important to a cpu vendor, it is up to them to code an initial, up to ffmpeg coding standards patch and invite the community to progress it, with a good donation to the project.
ffmpeg being free and opensource doesn't mean they should waste precious development time to code a non portable enhancement.

Comment and also, who are them? (Score 0) 396

'The Shell is designed in order to minimize distraction and interruption and to enable users to focus on the task at hand. A persistent window list or dock would interfere with this goal, serving as a constant temptation to switch focus.'

Jesus Christ, GNOME! You're not my boss and you're definitely not my wife. So, unless you're willing either to pay me or put out, kindly stop trying to tell me what to do.

When Apple does something with an arrogance similar to them (they didn't) on desktop UI, when you ask them "Who the hell are you?", they can reply "We basically invented consumer desktop environment" and you shut up. Microsoft does have some credits too, they came up with their own way of desktop paradigm.

What are the credentials and references of Gnome 3 designers? Adding some note taking trojan to Debian to trigger Mono install? I may have broken how Debian stable is intended to run since I went nuts when I saw that trojan and completely uninstalled Gnome&depsIt felt like seeing Ballmer's face on my wallpaper when I saw that badly written Mono junk inside Debian. So, sorry if I am flaming a bit.

Comment Stat is flawed since their system is broken (Score 2) 290

Here is a test for you if you have bandwidth and can stop laughing after a logical period. Obviously it is a FIRMWARE UPDATER, don't actually run it!

Help doc (from a company who is very close to MS and others)

Exe file (as I said, just don't run it!)

Idiots didn't even create a mechanism to alert false positive so we, "dumb users!" ignored the warning after doing a Kaspersky and Virustotal scan and run it.

Comment You can make your own but let me tell this (Score 1) 159

Too bad nobody's making ultra-cheap machines yet.
Why aren't there 50$ SOC systems on the market ? Not tablets , desktops will do, or thin clients.
First post ?

As a powerpc mac owner, I can tell you the reason. For one reason or another, developers (including a lot of oss folks) insist coding X86 only software along with SSE stuff.

So lets say you dare to buy an ARM based netbook, you will find a lot of -already not enough- existing software has either no binary packages or impossible to compile for ARM. Add idiots like Nokia who acquired Qt and removed PowerPC 10.5.8 (most stable OS on planet, no enhancements posted) from official support or Adobe who also removed support from such a stable OS (even in flash plugin updates), you see the picture.

Sad thing is, one can't even blame Apple -yet-. They said "Please use OS X APIS, please don't do hacks" to people who wants future/backwards compatibility. People who listened to them still just clicks to some pref in XCode (or add couple flags to gcc) and ship everything to 10.5.8 and 10.6.x even without having a 10.5.8 machine.

PS: Please don't even mention "everything can be compiled, gcc is so great" etc. type stuff. Just point me to a Mozilla Firefox 4.x officially supported ppc binary (you can compile as tenfourfox on 10.4.11) or Opera, the ARM guys and their PPC compatible 11.x release.

Comment MS doesn't have it in their culture/tradition (Score 1) 479

Issue isn't MS OS (which is a joke, at least now).

Curious as to how you define "a joke" here. I had the iPhone 3G for a year, upgraded to the 3GS when my contract ran out, had that for a year. Got a Windows Phone 7 that I needed for some work related development, and after about a week I stopped using the iPhone completely. What specifically do you feel is a joke with WP7. Just curious.

As a person who uses smart phones since Nokia 7650, I know what is required to have a decent smart connected device experience. It is basically everything which MS wouldn't care about. It is in their culture, they are desktop/server OS vendors.

A zero day on a Desktop OS could be easily prevented with a decent antivirus, security policy. On a mobile, connected device, it is out of the question. Windows Update service can easily use more than 220MB of RAM and block an entire CPU core, on mobile it means your device is completely unusable.

Comment Symbian to Windows? (Score 1) 479

This is a good read on the whole matter. Writing's a bit crude in some parts but raises some good points.

These charts also illustrate the point. Nokia is alienating both its development community and its customers. Qt is put on the sidelines. Who's going to develop for a dying platform? A lot of people I know buy Symbian because of the generally familiar UI, which is similar to the Series 40 phones. Windows Phone is radically different.


If you write a mobile application and sell it, Symbian users and the OS itself isn't really forgiving when it comes to quality of code. They aren't really used to crashes, restarting phone, low battery life and sluggishness.

So how do you sell these guys (and girls) some 1.0 OS with a real bad reputation of 3rd party app quality which even lacks copy/paste? I mean for some idiots behind agreement, it is like N8 owner who has been abandoned by Nokia will run to market and buy Windows 1.01 Nokia handset when it ships. Trust me, they actually believe that.

Funny is, even markets didn't buy it.

Comment Perhaps Nokia will start reading them now (Score 1) 479

If Nokia management/developers spared couple of minutes to read The Register and its mobile section for almost a decade and actually understood it, this wouldn't have happened at first place.

You know, their tradition is "tabloid" so idiot suits may have missed free alarm bells for almost a decade.

Comment KDE guys are safe (Score 1) 479

"Nokia wrote to developers, "Qt will continue to be the development framework for Symbian and Nokia will use Symbian for further devices; continuing to develop strategic applications in Qt for Symbian platform and encouraging application developers to do the same.""


Symbian, QT, are dead to Nokia.

I wonder what will happen to KDE too. I mean, they rely on Nokia to spit out QT releases, I doubt they can handle both KDE and QT.
Likewise for other companies relying on QT.

It is not like trolltech was some gigantic company to begin with. Qt will live on, perhaps way better as Nokia gave up the stupid idea of pushing Qt framework to host OS which -itself- needs radical changes to begin with.

Ask a N97 user what he/she feels about Qt when the device C: (yes it exists!) has only 20 MB of free disk space. If Nokia gets the hell out of the way, trolltech has pretty much guaranteed the future readiness of qt with the radical 4.x changes. Same for KDE too.

Comment RIM/QNX for Symbian owners? (Score 1) 479

Remember one thing, people buying Symbian phone have made their choice for battery life, stability and some degree of freedom.

Anyone thinking they will all line up for iOS is wrong. Android? Perhaps. The real winner here is Blackberry once their QNX based devices start to ship (or handsets upgraded). Now the rumor is BB/QNX has also Android compatibility (that micro kernel can do anything), things will get real interesting.

Comment Agreed as current Nokia user (Score 1) 479

Enough said.

Issue isn't MS OS (which is a joke, at least now). The issue is, Nokia boss did a quick patch which really failed to impress anyone.

If that IDIOT (ask all Symbian users) who still asks for access point while there is a perfectly working wi-fi in range is still there. Or, the other idiot who doesn't embed Birdstep Smart Connect (which is globally licensed) to device menu/ROM to fix issue is still there, what has been fixed? Now they will code the same junk in Windows language, that is all.

Only Apple could figure the real problem and proudly erased their own, decades old OS and switched to OS X. If you think it was smooth, ask any Mac user who had bad luck to install the first incarnations of it. It sucked, 3rd parties were clueless and community were flaming at them. What did they do? They basically did "so don't touch there", ignored.

As a Symbian user, I wished death of Symbian was because of MeeGo, e.g. "Now we have made up our mind, we are allocating all resources (they are gigantic) to MeeGo and Qt development. Qt will soon officially run on anything having a CPU, equally".

Instead of fixing anything other than kernel (it had no problem), they went with someone else 1.0 kernel. EKA2 kernel is the only victim here. Here we rewind progress again, 10 years this time.

Funny is, RIM, who is always being blamed to be old fashioned did take the radical decision. They have chosen QNX, no matter whoever says anything, just remember the 1.44 MB floppy having a web browser and imagine their head start.

Comment The real stupidity is (Score 1) 380

For people who choose Bing, the reason is likely they are fed up with SEO which became like a cancer or some kind of human powered worm and the stance of Google against user privacy.

If they copy Google that way and openly admit they already "spy" (OK OK, anonymous data) users who trusted them by installing the needless toolbar, what is left as a reason? It is clearly not Microsoft since they know their image and childishly take measures to hide their brand from Bing.

Comment No more Yahoo too (Score 1) 380

Google's actions as a misguided response to a real threat from a competitor in its core search business.

If a 'real threat' to Google's search business has to use Google to improve their results, I don't think Google will have anything to worry about from a competitor that will always be a few steps behind.

For years, I have chosen Yahoo just because it is less popular, SEO idiots doesn't care, I got an account from 1998 so they already spied the hell out of me and they had these tiny inventions like integrating MCafee sitechecker to results.

Now, it is just another interface to Bing with horrible spam results (just like Google!) and Mcafee started to disappear sometimes. Perhaps their "partner" doesn't like the fact that anything regarding windows software download may and will have "red" results.

So thanks to super elite Google fans and Tech media/clueless business guys, we lost the only real alternative to Google search.

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