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Comment Toughbook is polite (Score 1) 279

Rather than straight out "off the shelf" devices, wouldn't they be better served by something equivalent to a Panasonic Toughbook. Maybe that could be covered by 3rd party cases (with built-in batteries) but an iPhone is something that requires a bit of protection even for everyday use.

Well the military guys choose 'laptops' (!) like these:
Funny is, it is considered to be 'light'.
BTW these things are sold to NATO members army high level personnel only. Don't try to buy like a friend did :)
While on it, it comes with Windows.

A military MD we know keeps buying these.
Of course as Ericsson did some AOL thing with Sony, they don't produce anymore. You would be really surprised at some 'package not opened' prices for that old phone. So why he keeps buying? Even that monstrous phone can't stand to field conditions in peace time.

Comment OK my english is bad but... (Score 1) 84

Really, what part of my post says otherwise? Yes I know Yahoo and some people in there and I absolutely know how things went downhill over these years.

They have created/invented amazing things there without using them, they bought companies and couldn't figure what to do with them or integrate it to the gigantic Yahoo utility. They gave up Search which was really performing well for lots of users.

I really wonder why am I the person who gets the blame for simply stating he isn't usual 'Yahoo is dead' troll while predicting something. After the geocities, I gave up theorizing things expecting some kind of logic from them. That was all I said.

Comment I will give one single URL (Score 2) 84

The people I've talked to are not closing their accounts - they are exporting their bookmarks, looking for options, and waiting to see what happens. The fact that Diigo has been completely overwhelmed since the news broke makes me think something like this is happening a lot.

I am giving this as an example how you can completely waste millions sized community in a matter of WEEKS, not even months.

Trust me the web (lets call web 2.0) has some amazing speed. Couple of mistakes, you are gone. Your company depends on some person removing you from his/her bookmarks and it takes less than a second.

Comment Oh it is basic. Act like a human (Score 1) 84

My start page is for almost a decade now and in all these years, I have befriended some actual Yahoo staff.

1: Set your start page to

2: Wait a decade

3: ???

4: You've befriended Google staff

Some of us were using Yahoo and web while you were shitting your pants and in early days it was easy to find people on IRC/Usenet before AC idiots like you came to web.

You know Yahoo staff and even MS staff are HUMAN beings and they wonder around at the Internet right? If you don't treat people like an asshole, report issues, send feedback like a normal human being, not some sick bastard looking for AC button to satisfy yourself, they eventually become people you can call friends.

Web is still small if you know how to behave. Especially Yahoo staff has been spread everywhere.

Comment I never used Del.icio or Flickr (Score 1) 84

"My start page is for almost a decade now and in all these years, I have befriended some actual Yahoo staff."

Boo hoo. Its a business decision, not a personal attack against YOU. Unless you managed to piss off any of your yahoo "friends". Yahoo was a ok service, I suppose, but there are much better. Move to one of those.If you feel entitled to a service and these players keep pissing you off by shutting down and making you have to re-arrange your life every 5 years you can always start your own service. See what its like to run a business, wouldn't that be something?

I only use My Yahoo service and I also check Yahoo mail every 3 days or so. My actual mail provider is

I have absolutely no clue what are you talking about. I am just saying that by my expertise, if a word is out from Yahoo HQ (by accident or otherwise), make sure you start packing. Some people have used and still using in its original purpose and have massive amounts of irreplaceable personal/organised data there. I am doing a favour to them if they don't know what kind of a company and a CEO they are dealing with. They rm -rf'ed DEAD people's personal pages for God's sake.

Much better start page? Where? Google? Unlike your type, some of us can actually find out what is really better in certain areas and who to hand our personal data to. My Yahoo is at actual Web application level now. I don't want to hand Google my personal news habits or choices. Basic as that.

Comment Time for backup and packing (Score 5, Interesting) 84

As this is a company who could easily rm -rf entire geocities, easily compressible or archival friendly data, make sure you get a local backup or move your data as soon as today.

Let me also remind they deleted (yes, but with warnings) Yahoo Briefcase right while "cloud based" (sorry!) storage was on rise. Especially in an age where storage networks actually does unbelievable amount of compression built-in (de dupe etc).

My start page is for almost a decade now and in all these years, I have befriended some actual Yahoo staff. So if I say backup, trust me and start packing. I wouldn't trust to flickr either for same reasons above. Buy/use a good quality 10 pack DVD-R for God's sake.

Comment A question (Score 1) 528

The sad part is, we don't need Wikileaks to know that the Fed should be abolished

From the above link:
The Fed makes money ex nihilo, pulling it out of thin air rather than taking it from its coffers. Then, it pushes the money into the economy by buying up assets from banks.

So the banks get all this free money at the same time we talk about "deficit reduction" in the form of extending the retirement age, cutting medicare/medicade benefits and a host of other spending (except wars of course). Maybe if we didn't give the banks free money we would have money for things like health care.

If a site can disrupt such a service, can't they respond to some Govt. agency or a large bank when they want to learn every single information about people buying those "evil" books? Especially people using Kindle? Hell Kindle can even send location data, no super secret tech required.

Who would know? Just look at the amazing amount of tracking data on your link. Not blaming you, it is their dark system which does it.

Comment Cloud set back 5 years (at least) (Score 1) 528

I know it happens all the time.. but I strongly believe that business shouldn't get involved in politics, and politics should not get involved in business.

Because of the strong opposition from especially the USA, Wikileaks has become a political faction (rather than just media)... the line between media and politics is thin anyway.

so, it's a good decision for Amazon to break all ties with Wikileaks. It's just that the timing makes it a political decision in itself.
The USA growled so loudly about wikileaks that a lot of organisations that wouldn't care about it now chose that it's wiser to be against wikileaks.

Now everyone will think twice about the fancy sounding "cloud" services and off loading their stuff to them.

The real hit will be e-book services they provide. Nobody would want to be recorded/archived by an entity who disrupts such a publicly known service with a single phone call.

I will be a total troll when I see any open source (in spirit of FSF) uses Amazon services especially s3.

Comment Let them dare (Score 1) 528

So, if USA growls loudly at BBC, it will also 'become a political faction' and can be cut off from the Internet by all USA ISPs?

BBC is a real interesting entity, they were even blamed by "iron lady" herself for serving enemy interests in _active_ war. E.g. people firing to each other, not cold war BS.

I think USA should consult with UK PM before doing such action. Funny is, it is nearly impossible to "stop" BBC. At last resort, they boot their SW transmitters which were very carefully placed.

Another thing is, we speak about some kind of prestige that actual active enemies of UK, actual terrorists fighting against UK choose for sending their declarations.

Comment One wonders something else (Score 1) 528

If Amazon can handle such a public disaster, what kind of `other favours` can they do or already do behind closed doors?

Let me be more clear. They have a device that is completely closed, even a pdf must pass from device software and mega ironically we already know it is under _their_ control as they could wipe 1984 over there.

For example, I got a French designed e-book reader which is powered by Linux/Open Source and can also do DRM commercial books using Adobe DRM. So, a little company can do it but Amazon can't? Of course that design has a flaw (!), it can't be tracked that easily as there are multiple stores and accepts standard epub.

Also does Amazon "cloud" use any FSF/GPL software? As free software is way more than "saving couple of bucks", GPL software has very specific terms that you can't deny its usage to anyone, including "enemies".

ps to Assange if he reads this: (attempt to) Publish the entire archive in e-book format, via Amazon kindle store. Let people see their real faces, their customers especially.

Comment OS X concatenated softraid in a very abusive way (Score 1) 426

Its not a warranty issue to remove a removable add in storage.

Well that's the issue, it's NOT supposed to be removable storage. Even if it didn't "break" teh card it still wouldn't be general purpose removable storage. The phone reformats the card along with the internal storage to create a single Volume, kind of like a RAID mirror. Taking out the card would make you lose all your data, on both the card and the internal storage. The only reason it uses an SD card is because it's convenient to build, and it allows the different providers to use whatever size storage they want. In this phone, the SD card it not a user serviceable part.

What they do is what people suggested Symbian do for years. Extend the C: via OS X'es (and others) softraid "Concatenated" disk scheme.

There is a nice (!) side effect of doing it, if one of disks are missing/corrupt from the set, it is not different from removing physical part of a real disk. Obviously you should use mirrored raid disks to build that set. ZFS being able to do such things natively without such weird mad scientist ways was one of the main (if not only) reasons why Apple was interested in ZFS.

Of course, Apple has entirely documented their filesystem even in open source so, the comparison ends there.

Comment Let me defend Samsung (and soon Toshiba) (Score 2, Insightful) 426

Say what now?.... If this is even possible there is something really wrong with the SD card in question...

Say what now?.... If this is even possible there is something really wrong with the SD card in question...

SD cards are designed for FAT16/FAT32 ordinary (human) file usage and sadly exFAT (they didn't get their lesson) formats with ordinary files being added/removed in a "human" basis, not automatic basis.

The trick here is the inner working of FAT where the filesystem is extremely basic and there isn't really much going on chip level when file operations take place. Deleting a file is just removing first letter of filename as far as I remember. It is couple of bytes being overwritten.

What MS did is, put a gigantic file on the memory card, not allowing chips to do their tricks (wear levelling) and add a random (it didn't have to be random!) password to mount it.

Why? Let me tell you why. Media sharing and easy backups on any operating system that reads/writes FAT (read:all). Find a person uses Nokia smart phone (or even S40), from phone's main menu there is "remove memory card" option. Use it, it will eject. That is also the point to guys who claims it is not common to remove memory card. It IS! Put it into a $10 (cheaper exist but dangerous) SD card reader. Click on "Music" directory, start playing the music on your desktop or even other brand phone.

Does your files have issues? E.g. phone reboots while reading a specific file? run chkdsk E: (generally) /f /r . Using OS X and need a backup or even duplicate? Run diskutility (dd on linux) and create image. Suspect there is a virus? Run virus check.

Reading other comments (not yours), I really started to suspect there is really something grey going on with MS Phone 7 PR team...

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