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Comment Waldorf = wacky. No computers for kids != wacky. (Score 2) 333

It's unfortunate that the merit of computer and television use by 5-12 yr olds is wrapped up with the Waldorf schools. A broken clock is right twice a day and limiting kids' exposure to computers and TV (screens in our household) is the two times Waldorf gets it right. If you want to raise your kids to be intellectuals relative to their peers, all you have to do is ban screen time in your household and provide plenty of engaging books and spend time reading to your kids. As for schools and quality, all I really see are generally high quality schools in Minnesota. Both public and private. The difference is almost 100% in the home, but criticising parenting is not in vogue, so we do not discuss this publicly.

Comment litigators? or document reviewers/boilerplaters? (Score 1) 496

If you think a robot will replace a lawyer within the next 100 years, .it means is you do not understand what a laywer does. Lawyers, at least litigators, persuade juries and judges to their point of view. The idea that a robot will have an advantage here is laughable. HAHAHAHAHA. If you're a low-wage lawyer reviewing documents in a big lawsuit, OCR and electronic documents and full-text search have already made you obsolete.

Comment Re:Don't Americans know when they're getting screw (Score 4, Insightful) 528

The Republicans noticed two facts:

1. The USA is a democracy and you hold power by getting most of the voters to vote for you.
2. McDonald's is the largest and most successful restaurant chain in the USA, yet the food is utter crap and kills the customers.

After they put these two facts together, they figured out that if they use mass advertising campaigns and catchy slogans to appeal to emotion with a pack of lies, they can hold power while simultaneously raping and pillage The Middle Class and The Middle Class would thank them and ask for some more. Ya gotta hand it to them, since Reagan started it, they've been remarkably effective while the Democrats have better, more honorable ideas, they are completely ineffective mass communicators.

Comment Re:Not pro-corporate (Score 1) 528

If Comcast is the ONLY option for you to get onto the internet, then you've got no market alternative to using Comcast to get on the internet. Of course, you could opt-out of the internet if Comcast charges more than you want to pay. In the market where I live and use the internet to shop for stuff, I can choose between Comcast and Qwest. In other markets, I know that Verizon and Time Warner duke it out.

If Comcast and Qwest implement 'netflix' sur-charges, does it open up an opportunity for a 3rd player without such sur-charges?

Comment 200,000 CI's? (Score 4, Interesting) 185

Deputies have used the database since 1989 to collect and share intelligence gathered during the course of police work. It contains 200,000 names — Mesa County's population is about 150,000 — and includes investigative files from a local drug task force.

Is it just me or does it seem odd to you that they have 200,000 confidential informants in a county with a population of 150,000? What the frack is going on in Mesa County?

Comment Re:Funny you mention it... (Score 1) 121

Comcast: Take our 50 channels of QVC and similar crap, please! Here's $120 if you'll take it for a year, you don't even have to watch it! We still have a choice of providers. The phone company/DSL is an option. Just not a very attractive one at the moment. I suspect, for people who really like watching TV on the internet, Comcast will do something stupid and those customers will switch to the phone company (Verizon, Qwest, whoever) and then Comcast will undo their stupid move or shrink a bit.

Comment Is the public domain still growing? (Score 2) 721

I am under the impression that the public domain portion of copyrighted materials stopped growing in 1999 and will not resume growing until 2019 because of the copyright date on Mickey Mouse. In 1997-1998, Disney and associates spent $6.3 million on campaign donations and got the 20 year extension.

I'll bet they will start spending in 2017 and this time they'll spend 5x as much.

If this happens, I wish the congress would just grant Disney a 1,000 year copyright on cartoon characters and leave everything else alone so the public domain can resume growing.

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