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Comment Re:So... no separation between system and userspac (Score 2) 335

The important thing that the Amiga OS lacked, when compared to a more "modern" operating system was memory protection. Simply because it lacked the necessary hardware to enforce it.

Sadly, there was no provision for implementing any separation even when the necessary hardware was available, which it was on some of the later/high-end models.

Comment Re:Nah. (Score 1) 335

I'm not so sure about this. If an important userspace application, or actually any application, has been hacked, I consider the machine tainted for all future. I'm not going to patch the holes up and keep running, because any file could have been modified and finding out which ones is just much more work than to fire up a new clean machine. If you're running a webserver and it's broken, you have in fact a fully compromised system since the only thing running on that virtual machine is the webserver.

I can see many reasons not to run this OS, but the kernel/userspace separation is not necessarily the big deal.

Comment Re:And we care...why? (Score 2) 88

Though in 1996 we didn't actually have tons of free operating systems. Linux added something that was missing.

Then again, this release is hopefully nothing serious, other than a way to say that he's abandoned the project and doesn't really care if people use it or not.

Comment Re:AI and robotics and jobs (Score 5, Insightful) 625

The problem right now is that the current political mantra thinks that jobs are the most important thing, and if you don't have a job you're worthless and a problem that must be taken care of. It will be a painful period for jobless and workers alike until this discrepancy between current reality and ancient politics is gone.

Comment Re:Just one question (Score 1) 333

Execution speed is not necessarily the only metric used to judge a compiler. As a developer for embedded platforms I mostly look at code size, and you could also judge it on how well it handles various CPU architecture varieties.

Then again, your argument still stands. He could've written "better". ;)

Comment Re:There are other jobs than programming (Score 2) 340

Did you read the fine article? No you didn't. This guy is not a programmer, he's not been programming since that calculator. He's an English teacher.

For those like me who did not become programmers, whose notebooks of code and illustrations sat untouched in a musty basement for the last decade, learning to program taught habits of mind that persist to this day in small yet vital ways.

His point is that iPad is a dumb device meant for passive intake of information, but many still assumes it's more advanced than the old calculators, thus a better tool for students.

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