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Comment Re:Attack of the D-K Zombies (Score 1) 245

You only need to trace whatever you're interested in. If someone releases a revolutionary video coder encrypted with this algorithm, you run it through your tracer, record (and compress!) the raw instruction stream, and you'll have the actual algorithm that the CPU is executing. You're not going to decode all possible failure modes, nor any code that isn't actually executed, but you will get the algorithm that just encoded your video. The compression might even get you individual subroutines..

But it won't be pretty. :)

Comment Re: And you think they're the only one why? (Score 2) 234

Seems to me that it works well. After some up and down while moderators battle about what would be the best option, it has come out as somewhat insightful.

If you've been on slashdot as long as you claim, you must also have seen all those newbies whining as soon as their comment is down-modded, not realizing that there are actually more than two moderators reading, and that the score will vary during the course of a day or two. Don't be one of them.

Comment Re:Their loss (Score 1) 410

If this wasn't a targeted attack against Lenovo by the US Gov't, wouldn't they ban *all* hardware made in the PRC, which includes Apple, Dell, etc.?

I think they focus on Lenovo partially because they are rumoured to be controlled by the Chinese government (which doesn't seem to hold up to scrutiny), and partially because they own their own production facilities instead of using other companies for production.

Personally I think it's bullshit, but that's what I could come up with.

Comment Re:I'm still reading the paper on... paper (Score 4, Informative) 106

That said, there is a whole generation growing up who thinks the generic news with 5 lines of information and 2000 lines of unwarranted conclusions are the standard for news. A fertile field for would-be demagogues.

Oh yes, the kids today, they don't know the value of the printed medium. Always in a hurry. In olden times it was different. The periodicals are further condensed by the daily papers, which will give you a summary of the summary of all that has been written about everything.

Oh wait. That was written over a hundred years ago. You kids today can't even come up with original bitching and whining! for some more interesting quotes!

Comment Re:I want a plugin to go with this. (Score 1) 158

Or it could be put to good use. For example, you could program the interest list to only show that you're very very interested in a particular political party during election time, as a way to spam your agenda to the advertisers and inflate some polls.

Or when I recently was looking for a very specific piece of hardware, second hand because it has not been manufactured for a long time. I could have programmed my "interest filter" to only show that hardware as my interest, maybe the ad-trawlers would've found it for me!

Ok, maybe this wasn't such a great idea after all.

Comment A revolutionary idea (Score 5, Insightful) 158

I have a revolutiounary idea!

How about giving users the ability to visit different "web sitez" or what you call them, depending on their interest?

So for example, if I am interested in hockey, and live in Sweden, I could type in, say, "" in some sort of text input field in the browser.

This way, you wouldn't actually have to send any information at all to some unknown third party!

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