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Comment Another thing TWC can tell their customers (Score 1) 379

Due to the fact that we're not providing a whole set of channels we claimed we would, you'll be receiving a nice credit to your account.

There should be no reason that TWC should be able to collect from their customers and then say "thanks, now go to the internet."

It's bad enough I have to pay for stupid channels I will *NEVER* watch. I'm no longer with TWC, but was never a fan of their crappy service when I was.

Comment Gas Tax already works (Score 3, Interesting) 713

Since hybrids are much lighter (to help achieve better gas mileage), they have much less wear on the road than an SUV.

This miles traveled argument sounds "fair" when you first hear it, but the only benefit it brings is the ability for the State (and Feds) to be able to track every movement of your car. This is a bad idea. The Constitution has already been shit upon for the last 8 years. I am no longer confident it would protect me from abuse by the State Gov't and Feds.

States are always looking to find new ways generate revenue from their citizens. I would first like a better accounting of where all the current money is being spent. It may all be valid, but they sure are generating a lot of revenue already.

Comment Re:Simple Solution (Score 1) 200

Sorry, my experience with TW in TX differed greatly. The worst is that ANY (and I mean absolutely ANY) call required a 30-45 minute wait to even talk to a person. The set top boxes they were pushing were so buggy that I spend more time restarting my cable box than I ever did my computers and when they didn't crash, you had about a 40% chance of it actually recording the show you asked it to record. The response from the people was absolutely useless.

I finally gave up. I returned their DVR and gave up the digital channels. And I had many friends and family with similar problems. Nothing but frustration in dealing with them. I was happy to be done with TWC.

Comment Re:Simple Solution (Score 1) 200

That was the same type of response AT&T used to give their customers when they forced them to rent AT&T phones. If you don't want a phone, just don't subscribe to the service. Mind you, this was 20+ years ago when they had everything locked up.

Once they were forced to allow other phones onto their networks, then features were added to phones and so forth. In other words, there is (slightly) LESS giving you the finger.

Comcast (and other cable cos like Time Warner) have the worst customer service and they don't care, because you don't have anywhere else to really go. Verizon FIOS is not widely available and DirectTV and DISH can't give you (real high-speed) internet. You can get highspeed internet from Comcast and TV from DISH/DTV, but it'll cost you an extra $20/mo. because you didn't "bundle" it. They own the market and are using their monopoly to expand into new areas.

Comment Not just bad for Vista (Score 1) 735

iTunes 8 isn't just a problem on Vista, it's buggy on Mac OS X too.

They pushed this thing out without real testing and spent way too much time on bullshit features like album covert art display and "Genius" up-sell feature.

How about making it rock solid to sync with iPods and iPhones -- you know, the main purpose behind iTunes in the first place. They keep grafting on eye-candy, but I think the architecture is starting to show its age.

Fact is, they should require a brand new iTunes with every new iPod. They should be using some plug-in mechanism to support new iPods. Come on. Of course, it wasn't designed with real extensibility in mind.

Apple needs to rewrite iTunes so that we don't have to always wait for N.0.1 release to fix all the nasty bugs they decided to ship with. Apple should be embarrassed over iTunes 8.

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