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Comment Re:Microsoft (Score 1) 430

In fact, the PCPI Applicard did the same basic job, but did it with a far superior architecture, and far superior product specifications. Pretty much typical of the average Microsoft product.

I actually overclocked my Applicard. I upgraded it to a 10 MHz Z-80H part, upgraded the RAM to faster parts and replaced the crystal and oscillator chip. The result was a system that ran Turbo Pascal programs faster than the Compaq PCs in the school computer lab at the time.

The really nice part about the Applicard was that the host system was still running. It buffered keystrokes and print jobs and stuff in the background. It also assured you that you could abort/reset the Z-80 if it ever ran amok. The Softcard, by contrast, raised the INH line, freezing the 6502 while the Z-80 was running.

Meanwhile, the best a Softcard could do was 2 MHz because they tied it to the 6502 system timing.

Comment Re:They're balking about the price?! (Score 1) 839

I posit that it doesn't take nearly as much heat to keep the lenses frost/snow free as the old incandescent bulbs were generating. The LEDs may be consuming 10-15 watts, but they're outputting that energy as visible light, not waste heat. I suspect a 5 watt resistor dissipating 5 watts of pure heat would raise the temperature much more than the circuitry alone.

Comment Re:Cmdr Taco is fucking retarded (Score 1) 839

Um, you can't look for evidence of Taco being retarded here. Rather, in this instance, he's more clever than you. He's made a pun on "green" meaning energy efficient as opposed to literal color. The inefficient lights had a side effect of melting snow/frost build-up. That side effect was not considered when they were replaced with efficient ones. Thus the reason we grown-ups are here talking about it instead of, at least in your case, contemplating gay oral sex.

Comment Re:ROW is not a huge problem (Score 1) 491

The California high-speed rail situation is different. There's no problem using existing ROW through the central valley, nor between southern LA and San Diego. The big problem will be creating an entirely grade separated system through Los Angeles and between Merced and San Francisco. The freeways that you might use as you suggest don't have wide enough medians, nor are they straight and flat enough to be of use.

Comment Re:And this is a nearly unsolveable problem. (Score 2, Insightful) 299

Honestly, I suspect that a few things are in play here:

I think maybe you left one out, that changes things a bit.

I remember AMPS. I remember the tail end of those days and having my phone get cloned. Repeatedly. Gigantic hassle to deal with, even when the cell companies had figured out what was happening to them and had procedures in place for folks who got hit.

I haven't read TFA, but if the risk merely is disclosure of the communication, then fine, what you say is accurate. But if part of the risk includes the ability for an attacker to duplicate the complete credentials of someone's phone, then we're back to the cloning problem, with all of the billing hijinks that implies. Ugh.

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