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Comment Re:Gaming (Score 1) 250

This is very true. Street fighter would be impossible. But you actually gain a lot by being able to make any of the screen a button. So I see this more as a trade-off than a direct disadvantage. Certainly you could never comfortably play civ on the PSP, and pinball is much more intuitive with the right half/left half buttons than I ever found it with control pad controls.

Comment Gaming (Score 3, Interesting) 250

The iPhone is turning into one of the foremost portable gaming platforms. Even the nice Nokia phones can't claim that. They've put Civilization on it now, FPSs, RTSs. The screen size:total size ratio is probably the highest yet of a gaming device. What's not to like?

I'm not saying this accounts for all the sales, but this is Japan we're talking about.

Comment Re:Iphones are not $99 (Score 1) 216

For the most part, phone companies want customers who think that. People are lazy and easily swayed, and the telcoms figure they can get more profit off the ones who end up keeping it (like, I may add, the story writer decided) than the restocking costs them. They don't offer the 30-day deal because they have to.

Comment Re:Of course (Score 1) 116

Ahh, but compare the decline in advertising by the gaining appeal of gaming. And advertising still pays for thousands of television channels and radio stations quite successfully. In my childhood, video games were extremely nitch. In my kids', it will be difficult to find kids who don't play some form of interactive electronic game at least monthly. As video games continue to get more diverse, this trend will only continue. And the nitch of people who are crazy serious about gaming will only increase as well. These are people with disposable income that work very well for advertisers. It's just a matter of when.

Submission + - Bill Introduced to Save Net Radio

freshmayka writes: SomaFM, which has been extremely active in the fight against the Copyright Royalty Boards outrageous rate increase on net radio broadcasters, has posted news that a bill called "The Internet Radio Equality Act" has been written and now needs more senators co-sponsoring it. Here's the full scoop from SomaFM.

Essentially this bill would bring the royalty payments in line with satellite radio and be about 7.5% of total revenue for each station. If you want to make an impact on this issue SomaFM has made a "cheat sheet" for making it quick and easy to tell your congress creature your feelings on saving net radio.

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