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Comment Re:BSD license was always more permissive, so grea (Score 2) 808

The post you are responding to did not say one could not profit from GPL code. Nor did it say that you can not charge for distributing it.

The fact is you cannot distribute GPL code any way you want (unless you are the copyright holder and distribute it under non GPL terms as well, of course).

To amend what you are repeating BSD is about freedom of the distributor; GPL is about freedom of the code.

Comment Re:Non-binding agreement to intimidate (Score 1) 378

IANAL (as will become obvious)

But it is legal, as far as I can tell, to require all disputes to be handled by arbitration. This is subtlety different. In theory it also appoints a neutral arbiter to decide the merits of each side of a dispute, most provide some process of selection said arbitrator (usually a mediation company/service if I am not mistaken). While this may favor one side, it could be protective for both sides and something both sides wish to agree to in case of any dispute.

Comment Re:Open Wifi Hotspot (Score 1) 266

Yes. But you imply that some form of contract would indemnify the city from someone using the wifi; why not from someone selling drugs using the roads? Either drug selling is different from illegal use of wifi, requiring different indemnifications; or mere contracts cannot indemnify someone from assisting a criminal act.

Comment Re:Why.... (Score 1) 543

There are at least 2 reasons why this might be an option:

It almost goes without saying on this site, but one could install a free operating system.

One could be replacing a laptop that had a OS bought separately. As long as the former laptop is unusable or wiped it is perfectly legal to transfer the OS to the new laptop. This could be done for several laptops, especially if one is not interested in upgrading to the latest and greatest version of a payed for OS.

As a legally questionable bonus: If your laptop came with a license key for Windows 7, you could download an ISO here: (NB: the amazon links seem to be dead, but the DR links seem to work)

Comment Re:Ethical? (Score 2) 826

ToasterMonkey Questioned?

Of course it's not "ethical",

Excuse me, why?

To which you responded:

when I was young, I had no understanding of 'local issues' and thought that buying global products would not matter.

then, I see the middle class disappear and we can't afford to buy the things we *design*, let alone build.

this matters. its news for nerds and it IS stuff that matters. outsourcing will but us in the ass and had already lowered quality of products and services worldwide.

You have not explained why it is unethical. The post you replied to asked for clarification as to why the parent thought it was unethical to help set up a call center in another country.

You assert that "outsourcing will but[sic] us in the ass and had already lowered quality of products and services worldwide." Can you offer some support for this premise? In a related note you seem to blame outsourcing or globalization for the "disappearing of the middle class", again I am disinclined to accept this premise without support.

Your discussion of price, dollar, and the thought patterns of "business people" is a complete non sequitur, as is your opening statements relative to assumptions about the parent posters age.

I believe you may have point for discusion, but as it stands it is poorly articulated and not well supported by anything other than your assertions.

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