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Comment Re:GPL Violation? (Score 1) 504

My question to you is how are you able to possess code subject to the GPL yet deny your employees access to the source code?

This is just a thought, and IANAL so I could be completely wrong here.

What if the organization, eg CorpInc, took software released under the GPL and made modifications to it. Then they installed the modified versions to their own computers. The modified version is clearly under the GPL, because it is a derivative work. However is CorpInc required to give it's employees that use those computers the source to the modified version? If they are, then by the terms of the GPL the employees can give the source, and binaries, to others.

Comment Re:That's pretty standard (Score 1) 303

The entire page is copyrighted by Wolfram. Compare with this example:

It may not surprise you that the line of perl code
print "Hello, world!\n";
"prints the message Hello, world!"(Swhartz & Phoenix, 2001) And the fact that it appears in a book, the text of which is copyrighted by O'Reilly Media, Inc. Which reserves all rights to the work should not surprise you either.

Schwartz, Randal L., & Phoenix, Tom. (2001). Learning Perl (3rd ed.). Sebastopol, CA: O'Reilly Media.

Comment Re:There's already proof that this can't work (Score 1) 310

Because the majority of crash-inducing bugs don't result in security vulnerabilities, there can be a fair amount of internal debate when they're discovered during development.

a repeatable tool that takes a look at a crash

Both of the above quotes indicate that the tool does not determine when a program will crash. It only analysis the crash after a tester/developer has found a bug that makes the program crash.

This is not the halting problem, but a more ambiguous problem of weather a specific crash inducing bug is a security risk, or just a bug.

Comment Re:Roddenberry (Score 4, Insightful) 356

We shall honor the dead how we wish.

Perhaps you need to lighten the fuck up.

Lame and rude? Like she cares now.

Do you seriously think she wouldn't laugh at these jokes, if she were here?

If that is the case, then I am glad she is gone. Those that can't laugh at themselves are the poorest souls, and life in it's wonder is lost on them; death is better.

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