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Comment Re:So which field of engineering (Score 1) 1774


1) I dont believe in god.
2) Your anti god zealotry is every bit as destructive as what you are railing against. A belief in god does not have to make you stupid. It doesnt mean you have to ignore science. You simply have to believe that in studying science you are quantifying all of the rules that god established.

There are radicals on BOTH sides of the issue and they (i.e. YOU) are the problem.

Comment Re:Not News (Score 1) 646

<quote><p> A real gun owner would know this.</p></quote>
Your definition of a "real gun owner" must be different from mine.
To me, its a person who has a gun.
There are lots of people who have a gun and kids. Some of these might know what they are doing, but most just go out to Walmart and get the thing that is marketed to store guns and call it good.
Id bet that covers 90% of gun owners.

The issue here isnt whether or not gun owners should know better (they should, but kids shouldn't have to pay the price for this failure), its about companies marketing products that give the owners a false sense of security.

Comment Randomly applied theories (Score 1) 433

No no no.
I mean, yes its true that if there were excess money in the system, the system would suck that excess up. Thats true in ANY system.
But everyone acts as if that automatically explains where we are today.
If the total National spending on education was $5 (not millions or billions, just the $5 I have in my wallet), the above would still be a true statement, but wouldnt imply that at this moment we are spending too much.

Im so tired of this. Just because a theory is (or could be) true does not automatically mean that is the theory that is defining the current situation.

Comment Re:Interesting... (Score 1) 78

It seems pretty obvious to me.
When cell production continues despite the buildup of these misfolded proteins more and more of these misfolded proteins build up in the brain until they essentially ARE the brain.
At this point the person gets an unstoppable craving for brains that are not full of misfolded proteins.
At the same time the treatment that caused the continuation of cell production becomes contagious via the spreading of bodily fluids such as saliva.

I suspect other side effects will involve slow uncoordinated movement and an urge to moan.

Comment Re:Practical arguments against? (Score 1) 336

Your totally glossing over the fact that 90% of the 90% of Americans spending 47+ hours/week at work spend 50% of that work time surfing the internet. During that time we are all actively engaged in politics (like this discussion) and flirting with people we think (hope) are women.

See? Were not distracted, were fully engaged in society.

Comment Re:Nothing here (Score 1) 182

Im curious... Did you have a cover without the light?

I had one of those and was having a problem with locking up and sudden battery drain nearly once a week.
It turns out that the hooks that hold the cover on ALSO provide power to the light in the cover with the light. If the plastic coating on the hook of the lightless cover wears off, it makes some kind of connection that shorts the Kindle out.
From the time that I replaced that cover about 6 months ago with a cover with a light it has not happened again.

I wonder if an airport scanner can induce a charge which increases the chance of this happening?

Comment Re:Ah, makes perfect sense... (Score 1) 509

In principle I agree. The problem is when the contractors KNOW this they can milk the system for more money.
So we need to work with contracts that that bind both parties. Set an upper limit for what the government will pay, a minimum for what the government will receive and logical gates that lock down WHEN each party will walk away.

Even then the system will be gamed, but at least there would be limits.

Comment Re:Return on investment (Score 2) 186

With normal solar panels you have to pay someone nearly as much as they cost to install them. These you can install yourself. That can cut the true total cost in half right there.
TFA also states that it takes less sunlight to power these than traditional cells, so while they are less efficient, they will generate power for more of the day and on more days.

Comment Re:Ambivalent feelings... (Score 1) 178

I cant disagree with anything you say, but where the hell did the corn come in? I reread the article looking for what I missed, but the OP didnt mention corn once, and yet you disagree with his stance on corn. Do you know something I dont?

Surely your not assuming corn is the most harmful ingredient in Doritos, because my permanently orange stained fingers would argue otherwise.

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