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Journal Journal: Google blunders April Fools Joke

Google tried to publicize their Google Paper (Printed Gmail) today, as an April Fool's Joke - not realising that in India, the Postal Service actually prints and delivers email! They now have a lot of Indians actually believing the joke!

Submission + - Is RFID A Security Risk?

An anonymous reader writes: From ABC news: "All it takes is a second, and it's gone — a modern day pick-pocket can snatch your credit card and other personal information without ever touching your wallet. The thieves need only a little know how, and about a hundred bucks. The technology we rely on everyday — is being abused." Video at side&id=5065414

Submission + - Steve Jobs Thoughts on Music

An anonymous reader writes: With the stunning global success of Apple's iPod music player and iTunes online music store, some have called for Apple to "open" the digital rights management (DRM) system that Apple uses to protect its music against theft, so that music purchased from iTunes can be played on digital devices purchased from other companies, and protected music purchased from other online music stores can play on iPods. Let's examine the current situation and how we got here, then look at three possible alternatives for the future. Story here

Submission + - Jobs Calls for End of DRM

Zelet writes: In an open letter, Steve Jobs describes the current and possible future state of DRM. Ultimately, he calls on European customers to push for music companies to distribute non-DRMed music online.

Where Do You Go for Worthwhile Product Reviews? 88

An anonymous reader asks: "What's the deal with reviews and product comparisons? My boss wants independent comparative reviews of proxy and web servers to use to make/justify his decision. We all know that what the vendors write about their own (and competitive) products, so I tried searching for 3rd party reviews. I can find heaps of articles on the web telling us how great IIS is or how good Microsoft's Proxy server is, but nothing showing a back-to-back comparison of Squid vs. Sun Java Proxy vs. Microsoft Proxy, and the same for Apache and IIS. What's happening here? Where can I find an honest back-to-back product comparison?"
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - John Carmack: Gamers Don't Need Vista or DX 10

Freshly Exhumed writes: In an interview with Marcus Yam at Daily Tech legendary PC/Console game creator John Carmack holds forth on DirectX 10: "Personally, I wouldn't jump at something like DX10 right now. I would let things settle out a little bit and wait until there's a really strong need for it." and then zings Microsoft's marketers over DX10's mandatory use of the Vista OS: "Carmack then said that he's quite satisfied with Windows XP, going as far to say that Microsoft is 'artificially' forcing gamers to move to Windows Vista for DX10." There are a few good tidbits on Xbox 360 vs. PS3 development, and a fairly clear disinterest in Wii as a platform for his company's products is shown.
Portables (Apple)

Submission + - Macbook Pro Display only capable of 262,144 Colour

An anonymous reader writes: People have been noticing the Apple Macbook Pros have grainy displays. Apparently the problem lies in that the Macbook Pro's display is only capable of displaying 262,144 colours at a time. Beyond that it dithers, thus the graininess. For any old Amigans out there, they'll remember that number from HAM8! This link explains the nature of the problem in greater detail. How sad that Apple's flagship notebook display is defective by design.

Submission + - Seamonkey 1.1 Released

stuuf writes: "Version 1.1 of the Seamonkey Internet Application Suite is now available, with quite a few improvements over the 1.0 series. Some of the new features include spell checking in form text areas, a new tagging system to classify email, a better indicator for secure web sites and preview images for browser tabs. This release also includes many of the updates that have gone into the Firefox 2 and Thunderbird 2 branches. Check out the release notes and download page for more."

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