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Submission + - Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition Now In Linux Beta 1

jones_supa writes: The Linux beta of the Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition game is now available via Steam. Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition was released for Windows earlier in the year and features the classic Duke Nukem 3D game plus three expansion packs. Megaton Edition features visual enhancements (including OpenGL acceleration), SteamPlay support, and other improvements over the original games. More details on the public beta of Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition for Linux can be found via a thread in Steam Community. To try the game you need to opt to 'Public Beta'. Feedback is highly appreciated.

Submission + - Hidden Microphone found in Ecuadorian Embassy where Julian Assange is holed up (

dryriver writes: A hidden microphone has been found inside the Ecuadorean embassy in London, where the WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is holed up, according to the country's foreign minister. Ricardo Patiño said the device had been discovered a fortnight ago inside the office of the Ecuadorean ambassador, Ana Alban, while he was in the UK to meet Assange and discuss the whistleblower's plight with the British foreign secretary, William Hague. "We regret to inform you that in our embassy in London we have found a hidden microphone," Patiño told a news conference in Quito on Tuesday. "I didn't report this at the time because we didn't want the theme of our visit to London to be confused with this matter," he said. "Furthermore, we first wanted to ascertain with precision the origin of this interception device in the office of our ambassador." He described the discovery of the device as "another instance of a loss of ethics at the international level in relations between governments" and said he would reveal more details as to who might have planted the microphone on Wednesday.

Submission + - LibreOffice Calc Set to Get GPU Powered Boost from AMD (

darthcamaro writes: We all know that the open source LibreOffice Calc has been slow — forever and a day. That's soon going to change thanks to a major investment made by AMD into the Document Foundation. AMD is helping LibreOffice developers to re-factor Calc to be more performance and to be able to leverage the full power of GPUs and APUs.

"The reality has been that Calc has not been the fastest spreadsheet in the world," Suse Engineer Michael Meeks admitted. "Quite a large chunk of this refactoring is long overdue, so it's great to have the resources to do the work so that Calc will be a compelling spreadsheet in its own right."

Submission + - FBI thinks Google is evil, Now.

Dishevel writes: In a story from Mike at TechDirt.
The last few weeks have been quite interesting in the world of NSLs, however. As we noted, a few weeks ago, a court in California ruled that NSLs were unconstitutional. And, now, it's come out that Google appears to be fighting an NSL, potentially in response to that very ruling. Of course, it appears that this news of Google fighting back wasn't supposed to be public either.

Comment Google OWNS you (Score 0) 307

The problem is that Google *owns* you. We may think that what they do is free so it's very cool for us (note: on a technology point of view it's very nice).
Anyway, I don't teach you anything, their business model is to know everything about us for advertising purpose (so is Facebook's). And glasses that take pictures of everything we are doing and people around us is very interesting for them, to say the least. It's *way* better than the Google car they used to create Street View.
So if you deliberately choose not to wear glasses for the very reason I said above, it's mostly useless because you're already seen by so many other people around you.
Just my 2 cents


Submission + - Official: Playstation 4 will play used games (

An anonymous reader writes: Quenching some rumors 'Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida has told Eurogamer that PlayStation 4 will not block the use of second-hand games, contrary to various reports, speculation and even a Sony patent unearthed last month.'

Comment Is it normal ? (Score 0) 570

Do you find that normal that you have to install a third party start menu if you want one ? Microsoft doesn't even provide a way to install one as an option.
Win 8 + Official Start menu = Official Win 7 fine
Third Party Start menu = maybe bad
Win 8 - Official Start menu = crap
Win 8 - Official Start menu + Third party Start menu = Why the hell would I want an inferior product ?

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