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Comment Use the hardline (apologies to the Matrix) (Score 1) 377

When it comes to security, the more physical the better. Wireless might seem a attractive on cost and convenience but reliability and vulnerability increase substantially. Again on that theme, the more complex a system, the more that can go wrong. It is all a matter of personal acceptance of a level of risk, but I'll stick with hardwired systems on a UPS and two good-sized dogs which gets me and my family to a comfortable sleeping level. that and Mister 12-gauge full of #00 buckshot and slugs. Your mileage may vary.

Submission + - Irony: China rejects Vista as too risky

surfingmarmot writes: China has rejected Vista as too risky for the some 12,000 Lenovo systems to be used at the Olympic Games. Lenovo is loading the PCs with XP instead. Wireless will still be turned off to further reduce risk. I wonder why they aren't using Red Flag Linux which is an option on the Lenovo systems.
The Media

Submission + - HBO Exec: don't call it DRM, call it DCE!

surfingmarmot writes: They figured out their problem with DRM acceptance — it's the name. They want call it Digital Consumer Enablement. Yeah, that's right. DRM _helps_ consumers. But we stupid consumers cannot figure that out because of that nefarious name. I am so glad they are going to clear up that misunderstanding with a name change. The old "Call a thorn a rose and not only will it smell sweet but we won't notice being pricked" ploy eh? Clever. Le DRM est mort, vive le DCE! ont_.html

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