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Comment Competition (Score 1) 397

Late is the hour of my post. However I do not see anyone else making this point, so I feel I must try.

"As more video shifts to the Web, the cable operators will inevitably align their pricing models," Moffett said. "With the right usage-based pricing plan, they can embrace the transition instead of resisting it."

This completely ignores the fact that a great many of us can get Internet access somewhere besides the cable company. Right now, I admit, I have access through one of the large cable companies. However the telephone company will sell me 7Mbit DSL (enough for solid streaming, in my experience) for $20 a month for five years and no contract. The same phone company also called me to let me know that they are pulling fiber to my house and early next year I can subscribe to 40Mbit/10MBit for $40 a month. That means, next year, I could send the cable company packing and have the same download speed with twice the upload speed and save $50 a month.

Go ahead, make it worth my while to switch.

Submission + - Neutrinos NOT So Fast After All (

4pins writes: We have: hoped, wondered, contemplated the possibilities, and waited with baited breath. Now comes the disappointment. It seems our dreams will be a little more far fetched tonight.

Scientists at Switzerland's CERN research center threatened to turn physics upside down in September, when they measured a neutrino traveling at faster-than-light speeds. But now a new experiment by researchers in Italy suggests that the particles are actually obeying the cosmic speed limit.

Comment Re:Perspectives (Score 1) 748

The capitalist in me screams, "Anti-competitive!"

The IT guy in me exclaims, "It is about time."

The consumer in worries, "How will this impact performance?"

Did you have the same worries when MS put a firewall in XP with Service Pack 2 in 2004?

If I am being honest. I had the same concern about XP SP2 and it very much came to fruition and worse (had to replace incompatible hardware). While I doubt the problem was the firewall components, as a consumer I did not really care.

Comment From My Perspective it is Done (Score 1) 197

The latest Mac Mini (top of the line):
  • Can handle some serious gaming.
  • Can stream anything.
  • Has steam (limited selection of games in OSX).
  • Has an HDMI port.
  • Has the App Store (for even more games).
  • Has Bluetooth (for wireless/remote control).
  • Boots readily into Windows for even more gaming.

It is what I want connected to my TV.

Comment Re:How is this a problem? (Score 1) 285

Yep and "they" can already carry guns.

The pilot, who both the TSA and US Airways declined to identify, was a member of the Federal Flight Deck Officer program, an initiative put in place after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. The initiative allows authorized members of cockpit crews to carry weapons on board.

If the pilot goes bad, it is going to be bad.

Comment Re:deja vous, anyone? (Score 2) 226

I BUY A COPY which I'm free to use as I see fit within the limits of copyright law (which in essence means: no public showings, no redistribution without permission).

So I worked at a place that shipped content (specially licensed for showing to groups) to our members. As streaming came along, we started to loose members. I suggested we start streaming what we have to one member at a time. I was then told, "That has been deemed broadcasting and we do not have the rights to broadcast." So if my employer had a clue, you cannot broadcast your own music to yourself.

Comment Re:Rampant piracy... (Score 1) 432

Platform fragmentation from the hardware side isn't the huge issue it's made to be. Anyone who has developed desktop software shouldn't have a huge issue having to target a variety of devices!

Having done both, I have first hand experience with the pain...

On the desktop you assume you have a certain minimum working area, and make all you windows fit within those constraints and you are done.

With mobile you are writing full screen applications. So you not only have portrait and landscape to contend with (as you pointed out), but each different screen size has the potential for rendering your application awkward at best and unusable at the worst. I am amazed at the variation of (physical) screen sizes I see on android devices, from the hipsters with the smallest android phone they could find to the executives who now bring their bigger than a netbook tablet to meetings. On top of that, there are many currently deployed versions of Android. Now there are libraries that help, but this variety creates an untenable number of possibilities to test for smaller shops. I have read of more than one small shop abandoning the platform and have spoken to others that have decided not to support it at all.

I had a former customer (I no longer run my own shop) approach me about porting my mobile application to his new phone. If it had been an iPhone I could have recompiled it and tested in for three different screen sizes and sold it for ever iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Meaning: I could do it quickly, charge the client something he could pay, still be able to sell it to other people and in doing so hope to make some money. However, he bought an Android phone. Requiring: I completely rewrite the application, support a myriad of highly varied devices, and enter an environment of rampant piracy in order to sell more than one copy. In the end I simply had to say, "No."

Comment Bye Bye Hackintosh (Score 2) 370

Why are they not giving people an option to buy physical media? Because the Hackintosh community is running around tell people that it is alright to install that license of OS X they payed for on their computer, even if it is not a Macintosh. If they are legally in the right or not, this significantly weakens their argument. We go from the user saying, "I purchased this box of software and now you think you can tell me what computer I may install it on." To Apple saying, "You agreed to the iTunes store terms (or those presented at time of purchase) before you licensed Lion from us. You clearly cannot claim that you are now allowed to install it on a generic PC when you already agreed you would not."

Thank goodness I only run OS X on Apple branded hardware.

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