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Comment Apps should all be try before buy (Score 1) 523

I wish all app stores allowed developers to create "try before buy" apps where users can try a limited version of the app and choose to upgrade to full version w/o having to download the "pro" version. I think the windows phone marketplace allows for those kinds of apps. I created an addicting boggle app called "word zigzag": ( ) On the android marketplace, the free version canabalizes the sales of the paid version. If there was a "try before buy" feature built into the app marketplaces, then I think I would get more sales of my paid version.

Comment Link to article (Score 5, Informative) 489

I must be blind b/c I couldn't find the link to the article. I googled the post's title and found this article: In case someone is equally blind as me, I hope that helps.

Comment Re:Facebook should opt everyone in (Score 1) 205

I still think it would be more effective if people were opted into this program. Perhaps whenever they see the alert, they will see a question next to the alert that asks if they wish to opt in/out of this program in the future. If they don't answer, then they'll continue to get the alerts AND asked to opt in/out. Alternatively facebook can place the alerts in the left/right column so it is not directly in the news feed.

Comment Facebook should opt everyone in (Score 1) 205

>Facebook users are able to sign up to receive AMBER Alert bulletins... I actually think that facebook should do the facebook thing and opt everyone into this automatically. And if a facebook user doesn't want to be alerted to the AMBER alerts, then they can opt out. It might be more effective if everyone is opted into this program.

Comment Re:Games too (Score 2, Insightful) 595

There are many HTML/JS only sites that do not work for these new touch devices because the developers are still stuck in the mouse click/hover mindset. Same holds true for Flash sites/games. Like HTML/JS developers, Flash Developers also need to be mindful to ensure that their creations work on these new touch devices. Developers need to make tweeks to existing code. There shouldn't be a need to rewrite a site/game from scratch just because one individual deems it so.

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