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Comment Why don't they get some Cell CPU boards (Score 1) 144

So they need a few boards with Cell processors, some memory and probably a NIC. But instead they buy a box, that contains also a blue-ray drive, a hard drive, WiFi, Audio subsystem, Graphics acceleration, a couple of fancy dual-shock 3 controllers, etc...but...oh...yes, they get all this things they don't need with a discount. Cool! Who knows, maybe some day they can use this dual-shock 3 controllers to control their UAVs...

Comment What about Handel-C and SystemC? (Score 1) 185

Hi, Regarding the development on the FPGA, I didn't see anyone suggesting Handel-C (proprietary from AgilityDS, or SystemC ( I have only used Handel-C to be honest, during a course of my MSc. Not to bad for beginners I think, I would suggest it. Although it lacks support for any platforms other than Windows...

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