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Comment Re:Been said before (Score 1) 82

You can get that kind of security here in the US for online bank transactions. Bank of America has an option where the bank sends a text to your cell phone containing a unique code that you have just a few minutes to enter on their website in order to execute a transaction online. In addition to that they offer an RSA type of device that you can buy, but I think texting to your cell phone works just as well, unless you have reception issues.

Comment Hoax (Score 1) 603

There is scant little information about this company online. Checking Google News for "DBM Energy" shows this startup company has only been mentioned in news stories for the last three days, and there is nothing before that. Even more peculiar is that searches for KOLIBRI AlphaPolymer show articles from about eight months ago where the company was hawking their battery (called "Hummingbird" then) as being better than standard lithiums because it would catch on fire or explode if punctured by a metal spike. It looks like they are just making things up to see what kind of investors come running their way with cash.

Comment Rubbish (Score 1) 841

The whole reason this article was written is so that people can excuse their political leanings as being caused by something that is out of their control, instead of being formed by education and experience. The end result is that they cover their ears and eyes so that they don't have to participate in thoughtful, thought provoking discussion and debate with the other side. If you do a google on the gene number and the word gene you will see that before this week, the gene was believed responsible for ADHD. Next week they will probably say it is linked to some other behavior. This is just everyday news media rubbish - a waste of time to even read, much less contemplate.

Comment Go ahead, make my day... (Score 1) 761

'Castle doctrine' does not entitle you to just go out and shoot people (particularly government agents lawfully doing their job) in your driveway because they are under your car. You can go out with a gun and tell them to get off your property, but unless they attempt to fight back or chase you into your house, you're the one breaking the law, not them. Anyone who has taken a CCW class knows this. Here is part of the Castle Doctrine page on Wikipedia: "----Each state differs with respect to the specific instances in which the Castle Doctrine can be invoked, and what degree of retreat or non-deadly resistance (if any) is required before deadly force can be used. -----In general, one (sometimes more) of a variety of conditions must be met before a person can legally use the Castle Doctrine: ----An intruder must be making (or have made) an attempt to unlawfully and/or forcibly enter an occupied home, business or car. ----The intruder must be acting illegally--e.g. the Castle Doctrine does not give the right to attack officers of the law acting in the course of their legal duties"

Comment Re:But what created the law of gravity? (Score 1) 1328

Look, it's pretty basic. I didn't believe in God either until my college philosophy teacher explained it to me, over the course of a semester. In fact, proving God exists can be boiled down to two sentances: "We know that everything in this physical universe is TEMPORARY; the sun will eventually burn out, everything will eventually have an end" "Because everything in our universe is temporary, there has to be at least ONE THING that is eternal, stretching infinately in both directions in time, into the past, and into the future, with NO beggining and NO end" The news about Hawking's upcoming book challenges this argument, but unfortunately the article doesn't give details on why Hawking believes that the law of gravity proves that something can be created from nothing. If that can be proven (and I doubt it really can) then we can no longer prove that God exists with the above argument, and we are left with only faith.

Comment Dead Hand (Score 1) 560

Ten transmissions in the past week is more than a spike. I hate to say it but this increased activiy is probably the Russian military warming up their Dead Hand (Hand from the Grave) defense system in preparation for a possible but not probable US nuclear first strike. They want to make sure Dead Hand is still functioning and is ready with all the rumbling going on over Iran's nuclear situation.

Comment Re:Something I've considered... (Score 1) 505

Generally speaking, all it takes to steak someone's identity is having their name, Social Security Number, and birth date. I thought I was relatively safe in giving out my SSN to questionably-secure companies that I do business with (ex. satellite tv) so long as I don't have to give them my DOB. Well a week ago I discovered that it is, in fact quite easy to get someone's DOB depending on where they live. In my state, the Judicial Branch maintains a website where you can search for municipal, superior & supreme court case information by first and last name, and the search results reveal the FULL BIRTHDATE of the plaintif and defendant for EVERY CASE INCLUDING SPEEDING AND PHOTO RADAR TICKETS! I found mine for a speeding ticket I plead guilty to back in 1996 and the birthday was correct.

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