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Comment Re:secure but unclassified - correct term? (Score 1) 79

(My $0.02 as the summarizer)

I understood it as:
Secure --> Network ...and... Classified --> Document/Content sensitivity+visibility

So they're referring to both - secure network yes but no using it to get your covert mission orders via video conf on the device, for example. They probably still expect their personnel to use previously established procedures/devices. Could be a bit of a grey area though.


Submission + - First Android Device Certified for DoD Personnel (

aneroid writes: "The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) has certified its first secure mobile device running Android 2.2 — the Dell Streak 5. It is certified for use in the Defense Department's secure but unclassified communications. 'Although the Streak 5 is no longer available commercially, Dell is supplying it to DOD because the military likes the form factor,' said John Marinho, director of Dell enterprise mobility solutions. It "includes a set of Android application interfaces designed to enhance the security of the device. Besides being able to transmit secure unclassified messages, the device can have its data remotely wiped in the event of loss or theft." The device also has the ability to lock down after multiple unsuccessful password entries and allows admins to remotely control the peripherals and security policy levels on the device.
You may recall that President Obama got an NSA-certified phone-PDA to use instead of his BlackBerry.

Slashdot covered a related article last year about the US Army considering smartphones, so how soon will we start seeing other smartphone vendors bid for secure-communications-devices contracts?"

Comment Copyright! (Score 1) 433

The database holds timezone information...about different timezones. Did they pay the world's governments the royalties for publishing their countries' priviliged info? That is clearly a trademark violation!

Option B: Some company wielding a patent for a 'database schema specifically designed to maintain timezone information' is going after him --- with the added claim that by warning everyone in advance, he would be facilitating the propagation of the patented schema/design, resulting in a further patent violation.

(imho, must be something retarded if he's a defendant and the case involves "timezones database"...too basic to be infringing; and yet important)


Submission + - Xbox Live TV Launch Planned Before End of Year (

An anonymous reader writes: Microsoft has confirmed plans to launch a TV service over Xbox Live by this holiday season. Negotiations with content partners are still underway, but options for live TV will include both news and sports. 'Microsoft believes the key differentiator between Xbox as a TV platform and the sea of failed competitors will be its voice and motion search tool. Utilizing the Kinect attachment, users will be able to navigate through content with voice commands. The search function will be powered by Bing.' The company also wants to tie Xbox Live's social experience into viewing video content. Steve Ballmer said, 'You should have any entertainment you want with all the people you care about, really simply and on any screen.'

Submission + - IG Investigated for Muzzeling Inconvenient Science ( 1

Layzej writes: Federal biologist Charles Monnett was placed on administrative leave July 18 pending final results of an inspector general's investigation into integrity issues. The investigation originally focused on a 2006 note published in Polar Biology based on a unique observation of four dead polar bears. The investigators acknowledged that they had no formal training in science, but later demonstrated a complete misunderstanding of science, the peer review process, and at times basic math with questions like "seven of what number is 11 percent?" and concern expressed over the fact that the note was reviewed by Monnett's wife prior to submitting the paper for peer review. When nothing turned up, the investigation turned towards Monett's role in administering research contracts. But documents released by PEER , a watchdog and whistle-blower protection group, suggest even that investigation is off base. Monnett has since been reinstated, albeit in a different position. Now the IG handling of this case is itself under investigation following a PEER complaint that the IG is violating new Interior Department scientific integrity rules.

Submission + - Court Reinstates $675k File Sharing Verdict (

FunPika writes: A federal appeals court on Friday reinstated a whopping $675,000 file sharing verdict that a jury levied against a Boston college student for making 30 tracks of music available on a peer-to-peer network. The decision by the 1st U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals reverses a federal judge who slashed the award as “unconstitutionally excessive.” U.S. District Judge Nancy Gertner of Boston reduced the verdict to $67,500, or $2,250 for each of the 30 tracks defendant Joel Tenenbaum unlawfully downloaded and shared on Kazaa, a popular file sharing peer-to-peer service. The Recording Industry Association of America and Tenenbaum both appealed in what has been the nation’s second RIAA file sharing case to ever reach a jury. The Obama administration argued in support of the original award, and said the judge went too far when addressing the constitutionality of the Copyright Act’s damages provisions. The act allows damages of up to $150,000 a track.

Comment Re:How to invite to G+ (Score 1) 1223

Sorry but I think that's exactly the wrong way to do it. Inviting via sharing will only work if there is G+ space/resources available (in the future perhaps). I received quite a few G+ 'shares' and it only took me to "Learn more about...".

To actually send an invite, you need to wait for "Invite people to join Google+" to appear in the right column just below "Get Google+ for your mobile device". If the "Send invites" does not appear, then 'sharing' will not work. Of course, if there isn't enough availability, even with an invite you will still see the "Learn more..." page but then it's just a matter of waiting a little while...with a valid invite.
This is how I've been doing it anyway and it's been working so far. (Sometimes there's a delay between when I send the invite and when the person receives it; though not today.)

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