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Comment Thin is In (Score 3, Interesting) 450

There is so much FUD in this topic. M$ and "partners" try to upsell this technology to make sure they can tax it. If you run GNU/Linux terminal servers and simple X window system clients you get all the benefits of virtual desktops at much lower costs: cheaper servers (more processes per gigabyte and no licensing fees), cheaper thin clients (no need for gB of RAM or hard drive) and better performance (files are cached in RAM on the server or retrieved by a hot RAID). I use this technology a lot. I get 5s logins and 2s opening of windows to huge apps even using old PCs as thin clients. The usual VDI solution involves one virtual machine per client, a huge waste of resources although flexible. If you want low cost and reliability keep it simple and stick with GNU/Linux. It costs about $30 per client to have a good server on-line. New thin clients can be bought for less than $50 and used ones cost nothing (old XP machines are $0). Don't listen to the FUD. Go all-in for thin clients and forget the VDI bloat. Use GNU/Linux.

Comment Re:This just proves (Score 5, Funny) 706

One of the differences between working in a GNU/Linux shop and that other OS is stress. Last year, I worked in a shop using that other OS. It was always frightening on zero-day-malware-day because I always had to work late making sure updates were done in spite of having automatic updates enabled. With GNU/Linux, I type a few commands and it gets done for the whole system in a few minutes and I can go home to sleep. Last year I had trouble sleeping more than four hours. This year, I sleep as long as I want knowing things are safe. Next year, we will be 95% M$-free. I look forward to that.

Comment Re:You have to dig deeper into the patent (Score 1) 144

So I can "invent" the shovel today? By moving manure, dirt, sand, rice, potatoes,.... I hope the USPTO has an infinite staff... Wait a minute! They CHARGE for applications! That's their new business plan: generate an infinite number of patent applications and pay off the national debt with the fees. I understand.

Comment Re:Linux users... (Score 1) 309

Parent leans on facts not in evidence. 100 million users of GNU/Linux on the desktop cannot be GNU/Linux freaks/geeks/sociopaths. GNU/Linux works well. If someone with too much cash wants to spend money on CPU power to round the corners on rectangular areas of the screen, so be it. Others want to get on with what they are doing with less regard to M$ and pals bottom lines. I use GNU/Linux because it works and that other OS does not. That other OS phones home, sniffs files for DRM, BSODs, has a very EXCLUSIVE EULA, invites malware in, needs re-re-reboots, and messes up memory, storage and everything else it touches. I do not give a damn about how beautiful the UI is. I use PCs to get things done.

Comment That Process Failed for Vista (Score 1) 309

One of the richest companies in the world produces a crappy user interface. So much for the thesis that GNU/Linux must have professional UI designers. Take, for example, GIMP. Many say it has a lousy user-interface. I can give GIMP to folks who have never used PS and they have no trouble at all making the fish larger, eliminating fly-away hair, whitening teeth and eliminating ex-boyfriends. In what way is the UI not good? Only in that GIMP is not identical to PS, apparently. Folks who take the trouble to learn how to use GIMP have no problems with its user-interface.

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