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Comment Re:What did you pick? (Score 2) 316

That's mostly incorrect. A SLR is primarily defined by having an optical path via mirror and prism from the lens to the viewfinder and that the mirror is switched out of the light path to the film/sensor when the photograph is taken, blanking the viewfinder during the exposure. That is the reflex part of SLR.

The S5 IS has an electronic viewfinder and the picture displayed is read off the sensor. There is no optical path and no mirror in the system.

Comment Re:Imagine... (Score 1) 192

Aren't there laws in the US against sending spam faxes because it uses the paper up? That might be used against the sender of the print job.

If the printers are simple JetDirect boxes, there will probably be no logging of where the jobs came from. If they're bigger multifunction machines with hard drives, you'll be logged.

Comment Re:I always enjoy the unsaid parts of the story (Score 1) 223

The recovery isn't too much of a problem. Even if the launch was 100% secret, as soon as the bird pops off the ground, she'll appear on the SK radar screens and they'll track it along with whoever else is watching the region.

Spooling a destroyer or two to recover the wreckage from where it landed shouldn't take more than a day or two once you know where it went down.

Comment Re:Damnit, this is frustrating (Score 5, Insightful) 289

I'm not a Slashdot editor, but I'd say they picked this submission because it was a proper summary and didn't copy/paste sections of the original story in the submission like your one did.

Basically you put too much, and at the same time not enough, information in the summary. You grabbed sections from a coherent article and made a somewhat different article out of it. You think your information was relevant, but what a Slashdot summary is supposed to do is to push the core information in a couple of sentances and then send the reader to the link.

Your summary didn't give the historical background to the case, didn't give the charges laid against Couture or an indication of what the content was. That's what is needed in a summary. Sorry to be harsh, but your one was a mish-mash.

MOD POINTS, that I agree with you. Where are my mod points.

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