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Comment Re:What about the fishies? (Score 1) 301

That may not work. You might have to ramp it up over time. Start with hamsters, sure. Work your way up through cats, dogs, and eventually you can work your way up to seals.

Personally, I'm going to eat another steak every time they issue a press release. Not sure how effective it'll be, but it's sure tasty.

I read this wrong as ramp it over time, so you start by using a shovel, then later on you put down cinder blocks and some plywood, and start jumping a row of hamsters with your monster truck.

Comment Re:Australians have a simpler solution (Score 1) 398

So what we do here in the land of the sun and over sized rabbits called kangaroos is put the fire ant the queen on the pill, so far it has worked very well but like everything needs to be managed.

Here in America, our puritanical leaders do not approve of birth control like that. We try to teach the ants about abstinence only, and pray to God that it works.

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