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Comment Re:BASIC (Score 1) 709

10 INPUT "Who is poster?";A$ 20 IF A$="plover" PRINT $A;" is a jerk" else 30 30 PRINT A$;" is not a jerk"

There are literally millions of programmers that cut their teeth on little 16K machines with basic in ROM. It stopped nobody from going on to OO languages. Dykstra was wrong.

-- BMO

I've met countless people over the years who say they started programming in basic on 16k machines, and NEVER made it to OO languages. For some, they lost interest, but others simply weren't able to make the jump from spaghetti code to structured programming, much less OO.

Comment Re:Even more important: "None" (Score 1) 763

Computing in what my son calls "the olden days" was huge fun. Though not as productive as it is today. For certain values of "productive". Back in the old days you could write a graphing program with a couple of for loops and a plot command. Now there's all sorts of hoops you have to jump through to simply open up a window.

True. But what if you want to run TWO graphing programs at the same time?

Comment Re:The real news is (Score 1) 285

people will spend spend spend on selfish desires but are against spending the same on their own welfare all the while complaining the rich have too much money. I know people spend themselves into a ditch paying for new gadgets and monthly fees and then turn around and bitch about how much money other people have.

Consumerism at its worst, they "deserve" to have what they want regardless of ability.

Uh-oh...... Someone needs a hug.

Comment Recluse spiders do not live in California! (Score 1) 221

I've had this argument many times over with Californians.

There are no populations of brown recluse spiders living in California. In case, this upsets your applecart, I repeat, there are no populations of brown recluse spiders living in California. The common name "brown recluse spider" refers to one species of spider, Loxosceles reclusa, which lives in the central Midwest: Nebraska south to Texas and eastward to southernmost Ohio and north-central Georgia (see map). Only a handful of specimens (less than 10) have ever been collected in California and usually there is some connection between the spider and a recent move or shipment from the Midwest.

Submission + - Windows Vista Home Makes Hidden File Backups

Overly Critical Guy writes: "Previous Versions" is a feature of Windows Vista Business, Enterprise, and Ultimate that uses Shadow Copy to allow users to restore past versions of a file like Apple's Time Machine. It turns out Vista Home also makes file backups but does not allow the user to access them. This means you automatically lose 15 percent of your drive to backups you can't access until you upgrade to Business, Enterprise, or Ultimate. Worse yet, disabling the "Previous Versions" service also disables System Restore and removes all restore points.

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