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Comment Increased burecracy (Score 5, Insightful) 175

I know this comes up every time regarding Wikipedia, but Wikipedia simply gotten more hostile towards new contributors with it's bureaucracy and "territorial editors" (seen way too many revert-happy editors who rather revert than fix minor errors), to the point that I simple start to wonder if Wikipedia is taking itself way too seriously. Making it simpler to edit is not the only answer (though might make it simpler for the few layman who can handle bureaucracy but not the markup).

Comment Re:Crappy websites already do this (Score 1) 320

Ads does not bother me either, though I have noscript installed so advertisements from non-google ads sources tend to wind up being (indirectly) blocked anyway. But I'm not actively blocking any ads. Internet ads are rarely as annoying as TV ads, and the days of flashy and audible ads are long gone (as far I seen).

Comment Re:No BSD (Score 1) 210

"The second is projects that implement free standards that are competing against proprietary standards, such as Ogg Vorbis (which competes against MP3 audio) and WebM (which competes against MPEG-4 video). For these projects, widespread use of the code is vital for advancing the cause of free software, and does more good than a copyleft on the project's code would do."

They don't spell it out, but they do imply that there is cases where BSD-style licenses is valid.

Comment Re:The Duke ain't PC (Score 1) 344

Huh, I recall it was easily worse during the 90's, especially worldwide (it's must been over a decade since I last remember a controversy where I live in Sweden). In fact, I can't recall any recent media frenzy, especially after Jack Thompson lost his credibility even amongst the "think of the children" groups.

The last notable media frenzy was easily the hot coffee controversy, and as far I can tell that was US-centric controversy.

Games tend to self-censor themselves a lot. You rarely see children in games for example, I think the only FPS you can kill them in is in Deus Ex and that game is a lot about moral choices anyway. Well, and that you can "kill" the little sisters in Bioshock but that's discouraged, and the game rewards your for rescuing them.

Comment Re:What, no co-op? (Score 1) 344

It's trickier to add co-op in modern FPS games, mostly due to ingame events and such that can cut you off etc. It's usually a deliberate design choice by the designers so they don't feel limited by it.

Sometimes people mod in coop though. Like with Half Life 2 see (although HL2 gets ridiculously easy when four-eight players are plowing through it).

Comment Re:This article belies a greater question... (Score 1) 13

Actually beds in Swedish hospitals costs a fee if I recall. It's relatively cheap and depends a lot on the municipality and region (see as a example although prices are quite bit cheaper than in my city ), but expensive enough to discourage people using it as a hotel.

The problem is that some hospitals hadn't really expanded fast enough as some cities grow, or people don't distribute themselves correctly (going to a large hospital when their local clinic is fine).

Comment Re:10 INPUT "Flogging a dead horse: ", U$ (Score 1) 83

Game remakes are more faithful to the original than Hollywood is with it's movie remakes, usually just some bonus content and adaption for the device/handheld in question. In a way,a game remake is more like a directors cut of a movie with a couple of removed scenes added etc...

Still, I do admit I remember being disappointed over SM64 DS being the launch game rather than a all new original Mario game (it was a good remake with a twist on the original gameplay, with trickier controls than the original).

Comment Re:10 INPUT "Flogging a dead horse: ", U$ (Score 1) 83

The game industry always had sequelitis, nothing new. Look in the 80's and 90's you can see a quite few sequels to very popular games.

Releasing a Metroid, Mario and Zelda game on each new Nintendo platform is more of a Nintendo tradition at this point. For both good and bad though, they aren't afraid to try something new while mixing in the old (Super Mario Galaxy comes in mind).

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