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Comment Booklet mode (Score 1) 285

The MFP in the office has booklet mode, which shrinks A4 sheets to 4 to a side, prints them in the right order, folds it and adds 2 staples. I'm in as long as I can keep this feature which is perfect for manuals, long dull reports and even source you want to study on the toilet. It's the mindless printing of email, finance batch import summaries for 'auditing purposes' and non-duplex wastage that needs to be addressed.

Comment Re:Maybe their eagles (Score 1) 155

On first parse 'their' looked like a mistaken 'they're' and the subject of the second part remains a mystery. Who are 'they' who are going too far? The eagles?

Remember kids, whilst first post will earn you great kudos for about ten minutes, you need to be certain it's a valid sentence.

Comment Re:Fermi Paradox (Score 1) 70

Where are all the aliens? They're just like us - stuck in their gravity wells trying to find economic ways to travel vast distances quickly, as well as trying to replicate their planet's environment on a spaceship. We already know that life needs volatile chemicals to exist - otherwise space would be teeming with life.

Comment Re:The obvious questions (Score 1) 213

> Who gets to decide what is, and is not, a crime? Will anything be a crime, and under what statute? How much will the "crime patrol" cost? In other words, it's a combination of the police, the justice system and elected representatives. Just like every other act that causes enough distress amongst others to be considered a "crime".

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