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Comment Re:Can it make Lego? (Score 1) 195

Don't even buy them, LEGO CS is good enough that they will send you the necessary brick for free if you give them a call. At least they used to. My future wife was the one who took the calls and grappled with ancient instructions to identify the brick in question. Great days, I've never worked for a better company...

Comment Re:It's convenience and security. (Score 1) 835

The bottom line is, it's much more likely that someone on the internet will compromise any one of the points across which an email passes, than it is they will scale telephone poles or break into street cabinets or even break into internet-connected portions of the phone system. Yes it's security through obscurity but I can't believe that the phone system isn't "more secure" on that basis. Even by weight of numbers - there are many script kiddies out there who can use pre-packaged tools to break into a system. I would bet my house that there are much lower numbers of people trying to break into phone systems.

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