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Submission + - Skype forces Skype Home pop-ups despite complaints (skype.com)

elliot.mackenzie writes: "Skype Home is a pop-up page now built into Skype which supplies links to Facebook and Skype advertisements. Every time a user starts Skype or their internet connection resets this screen pops-up and occupies most of the screen, and it cannot be disabled. If you happen to have a poor or variable internet connection, this can be hundreds of times a day. The issue affects both paying and non-paying users alike, and also impacts the so-called "Professional" version.

The complaints are now so common that it shows up as a link in the first hit for "Skype Home" on Google, yet Skype remains utterly silent on the issue."

Comment Retained exploits (Score 1) 598

I must confess I find this concept of a backdoor of this nature to be nonsense. Just like cryptographic export restrictions in the late 90's, there will always be a way to get the software you need to protect yourself. The export restrictions were lifted not because the US government suddenly had a change of heart and discovered protecting personal data was a good thing, but because they figured out the hard way that the rest of the world was going to create and use whatever encryption they needed with or without the US' involvement: either the US government could maintain some limited influence, or they could have none. Plenty of companies already make software to encrypt the data on hard drives (utimaco and others come to mind). Some of these companies are European, few are based in the US or the UK. With regard to intel gathering, any surveillance or early discovery will be as invisible as possible. The best way to do this is to find flaws and notify Microsoft about some of them but not all. Rather conveniently, both the UK and US government already have access to the source code for Windows. The retained exploits would be retained for intelligence use until such time as they become a liability (ie when the exploit is publicly discovered and exploited, putting their own systems at risk). The advantage of this approach is that even with a warrant for the search/discovery, they don't even need to damage the lock on your door and you'll never know they were there.

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