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Comment Re:Paired programming might get you cut! (Score 1) 395

I wholeheartedly agree! I tend to find new college grads want to pair up and code together. What's that about?!? It's not like they produce more code sitting hip to hip. When one of them sat down to "help" me, my production went down, because my thoughts kept getting interrupted by, "you need to do this..." "place a brace over there..." etc. I enjoy teaching newbies, but there is a time for training, and a time for me to get my work done. I don't like someone else looking at my screen, thinking and TALKING about the small piece of code, while I'm busy thinking about the big picture design and API.

Comment Want more local (split screen) multiplayer (Score 1) 362

I'm looking for games that I can play with friends and family in my home. Who plays D&D by themselves? Games are more enjoyable when it is a shared experience. I'm not the "average" gamer, but I know a lot of families that would love a LOCAL 4 player Lego Star Wars or a LOCAL 4 player RPG. I think this is why some of the Wii games are so popular, it allows multiple people to play simultaneously.

Comment Re:Functional programming (Score 1) 153

Nadaka - I was incorrectly referencing procedural programming.

Slim - thank you for trying to clarify my muddled post. You are totally correct that people use anonymous functions when a named function would be clearer.

I blame my clouded mind on lack of sleep that comes from a 13 week old daughter. :-)

Comment Re:Functional programming (Score 3, Insightful) 153

The name "functional programming" implies the use of functions, yet I've seen too much "functional programming" that is just lines and lines of indented code. Here is an idea: Actually create new functions! Yes, these innovative routines can actually make the code readable and encourage code reuse! Try to make each function do one task, and code will be readable, reusable, and will not suffer from over indention.

Comment Re:Yes, it is done at the telco (Score 1) 183

Perfect recordings every time, zero call quality issues.
Exactly! I always laugh when a TV show or movie shows a security person entering the room with a black box and waving it around the walls and phones to verify it is a "secure" location. Duplicating data at the switch is undetectable (unless you have a snitch at the telco). Or the other laughable TV or movie moment is when a black van is parked outside a location with a reel to reel tape recording conversations. Who uses analog to record such stuff? Let alone reel to reel tapes. Most eavesdropping is done remotely and digitally.

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